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From the MODERATOR (was RE: [pcgen] Re: What if Wizards doesn't a pprove?)

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  • Martijn Verburg (DSLWN)
    From Karianna (In Moderator Hat) OK, this kind of debate (from both detractors and people who are advocating calm, it s just going to encourage further flame
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
      From Karianna (In Moderator Hat)

      "OK, this kind of debate (from both detractors and people who are advocating
      calm, it's just going to encourage further flame wars ;p) is pointless until
      we get the word from Bryan and Mynex, like I've said before the official
      stance is that all we are planning for is getting those files back, that's

      Please consider this thread closed people 8-)

      Any Q's please contact me off boards


      PCGEN Mod

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      --- In pcgen@y..., "aeontrin" <wdover@a...> wrote:
      > I typically use PCGen for generating characters for the various
      > Living campaigns, specifically Living Greyhawk, Living Force,
      > Arcanis, and Living Dragonstar. I not only generate my own
      > characters, but also NPCs for various module submissions. As
      > the "plenty of other books" are not canon for those campaigns
      > Arcanis and Dragonstar have their 3rd-party supplements that are)
      > the Builder Books are, you can see where this is very inconvenient
      > for me both as a player and as a writer.
      > From your post, I sense an attitude of "oh, well, WotC does not
      > really want us putting these in here so we are not really going to
      > push that hard for doing it." Please resist that attitude and get
      > much as you can from WotC. I realize that they are not going to
      > you everything and that's fine. Worse comes to worse, a user can
      > customize the LST files as necessary. I just want you folks to
      > understand that this issue is more important than your response
      > implies.
      > Will Dover

      While I agree with you about what the loss of all of non-SRD WotC
      sources would mean to PCGen. I have to defend some of the others. I
      think your taking what they said a bit wrong. It boils down to the
      fact that only those that are in the negotiations with WotC can
      really say what is going on. And only they can have a direct effect
      on the talks.

      For us we need to be patient and wait. They are not doing this half
      assed. Their working hard. Pushing for the best results for PCGen.
      All we can do is send thank you e-mails to Anthony V and various
      other sundry WotC managers thanking them for the help they have given
      us up to this point. You do realize that they didn't have to do any
      of this. They could of sicked their lawyers on us and that would
      have been the end of PCGen.

      Going on and on about what ifs is not going to change anything. All
      it will do is inflame people. So just sit back and chill until we
      get the final answer from WotC.

      LST Howler Monkey

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