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Re: Couple Questions (Farscape, Documentation, etc)

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  • John Bellando
    ... two. ... at ... Okay, will make a list of stuff that is in old docs but not the new ones. ... on it ... know if ... about ... would ... Yeah, forgot about
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2002
      --- In pcgen@y..., "Sussenberger, John" <john.sussenberger@l...>
      > 1) The docs are always behind each release usually by a week or
      > Personally they are the hardest thing to do (I do stuff like this
      > work). If you see stuff missing, feel free to let the list know.

      Okay, will make a list of stuff that is in old docs but not the new

      > 2) Farscape should be OK to start, I don't know of anyone working
      on it
      > currently though. If you wish to start, go ahead, let the list
      know if
      > you need help, someone will give you a hand. AEG has been cool
      > permission for their books, but since the product is licensed we
      > need the permission of the Farscape license holders too.

      Yeah, forgot about that part. Not sure how willing the license
      holders are for that stuff. I may do it for my own at first anyways,
      since i may be running Farscape.

      > 3) The splat books are mostly done (from 2.7.3) and I assume have
      > upgraded. I know work has been done on other books (ELH, etc) but
      > won't have a chance to test them unless WotC lets us :( Mostly the
      > Splat books are 90% done, with a little tweaking and of course an
      > upgrade to the latest TAGS.

      I was just curious mainly, I was redoing some of the Masters of the
      Wild for my own use and came across some interesting ways to
      actually automatically attribute bonuses where the older versions
      just used SA: and left it at that.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      > -John-
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      > Subject: [pcgen] Couple Questions (Farscape, Documentation, etc)
      > Hey all,
      > Had a few questions. I've started to get back into gaming since
      > fall has arrived and started using PCGen again (Wonderful tool!)
      > 1) I got the new release (Congrats on d20 Compliance) but noticed
      > documentation isn't complete (Lots of BONUS tags not covered,
      > Is it still ongoing to bring the documentation up to date?
      > 2) Is the Farscape World allowed to be converted to PCGen format?
      > so, is anyone working on it? If not, is it desired? :)
      > 3) I know that the splatbooks, etc aren't covered yet and it's
      > worked on (Best of luck, hope WoTC sees the benefit of it and it's
      > go), but if/when it's allowed, are there people already slated to
      > work on each book? Will there be any help needed?
      > Thanks!
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