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MERTON MONK: [pcgen] File - Welcome

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  • Stuart Updegrave
    This file needs to be updated to reflect the fact that PCGen is now D20 compliant. ... c=browse where one of us, including our very own Portal to the Negative
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      This file needs to be updated to reflect the fact that PCGen is now
      D20 compliant.

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      > Welcome!
      > What is PCGen?
      > PCGen is a character generator and maintenance program aimed
      > at supporting any
      > and all d20 games. PCGen is meant to be easy to modify to
      > suit your own
      > campaign, and users are encouraged to share their creations.
      > Our highest
      > priority is supporting published d20 material - our secondary
      > goal is to
      > support as many houserules as possible.
      > Is PCGen OGL or D20?
      > Right now it isn't, but in the next few weeks we should be
      > OGL and D20
      > compliant. We'll make a big announcement when we get the
      > official seal of
      > approval from Wizards of the Coast.
      > Where is Wotc's non-SRD material?
      > Wotc has told us that once we are OGL and D20 compliant they
      > will discuss
      > with us the possibility of getting permission to include all
      > their non-SRD
      > material. We are working at full speed to help make that
      > come true! :)
      > Wotc has been very gracious with us and helpful in explaining
      > what changes are
      > necessary for both OGL and D20 compliance. We will
      > definitely keep everyone
      > appraised of any developments in our discussions with Wotc.
      > For D20 Games Publishers:
      > Please read our OpenLetter to all D20 Games Publishers at
      > http://pcgen.sourceforge.net/OpenLetter.php
      > We'd love to convert your material for use with PCGen. Once
      > we have your
      > permission we'll be glad to work up the files and then send
      > them to you
      > for your approval before we include them in any release.
      > This is a free
      > way for your material to get widespread use without without
      > giving out so much
      > detail that purchasing the material is no longer necessary. Email me

      > (merton_monk@... Bryan McRoberts) or post on our
      > yahoo message board if
      > you'd like more information.
      > Where are the official releases of PCGen?
      > Currently PCGen is released at http://pcgen.sourceforge.net
      > How often are releases?
      > We try to put out a beta release every week. Now that we
      > have a production
      > release available (3.0.0) we'll put out a new production
      > release when we
      > reach significant functionality milestones - that will
      > probably happen every
      > few months.
      > When will you support my favorite d20 book?
      > We've created a webpage
      > (http://pcgen.sourceforge.net/SourceConversions.php)
      > which will list all materials included in PCGen, their status
      > (how 'complete'
      > the conversion is) and give you an idea of what other source
      > books we're
      > working on. This page is brand-new so it doesn't have
      > everything yet, but
      > hopefully it will be up-to-date soon. If you want to make
      > comments on our
      > pages at pcgen.sourceforge.net or give corrections, volunteer
      > to help convert a
      > particular source, or anything else that would affect the
      > website, we have a
      > yahoo group dedicated for just that purpose.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgenwebsite is the place to go
      > for those
      > discussions.
      > Where can I discuss PCGen and interact with the developers?
      > If you login to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen you can
      > check out the PCGen
      > page from which you can view and post Messages. If you have
      > any questions about
      > PCGen, that's the place to send your question. Most of the
      > developers hang out
      > there on a regular basis, and a number of other very involved
      > non-developers
      > are also available to answer any questions you might have.
      > Is there a FAQ for PCGen?
      > You bet - a fan based one can be found at
      > http://pedertest.officeline.no/pcgen/
      > and if you have any questions that aren't covered there that
      > you think should
      > be - let him or us know! We want to make learning how to use
      > PCGen as easy and
      > frustration free as possible.
      > Where/How do I report Bugs or request features?
      > You can submit a bug either by posting a message to the yahoo
      > group with [BUG
      > REPORT] in its title, or by going to Bug page at the
      > sourceforge site and
      > entering a bug there directly. We commonly refer to the
      > feature requests as
      > FREQ for short, and you can either post a message with [FREQ]
      > in the title or
      > enter it directly in the FREQ list at the sourceforge site.
      > In both cases, the
      > more detailed a bug/FREQ is, the more likely it will be
      > addressed in the near
      > future. We prefer FREQs be posted at the yahoo group
      > initially so others can
      > help iron out any details or brainstorm on how to improve the
      > functionality.
      > What do I need to run PCGen?
      > PCGen requires Java JRE 1.3 (this can be found at
      > www.sun.com), which means it
      > will run on any OS that supports that version of Java. This
      > means that Max OS
      > 8 & 9 users will need to have Virtual PC since those OSes
      > only support Java
      > 1.1.8. There are 2 zip files which make up a PCGen release.
      > We've chosen to
      > name the files xxx_part1of2.zip and xxx_part2of2.zip (where
      > xxx is the version,
      > so 242_part1of2.zip for release 2.4.2). Unzip both files
      > (part1of2 and
      > part2of2) into the same directory and you're good to go. Java
      > 1.4 is now
      > available from Sun for most platforms (except Mac OS X), and
      > it seems to run
      > java better, so we recommend that for users. Development is
      > currently being
      > done using java 1.3, so you can use that if that's what you
      > already have. We'll
      > convert our development to use java 1.4 once Mac OS X also
      > supports it.
      > What's available at the yahoo site?
      > In the Files page there are a number of folders you should
      > know about - there's
      > Campaign+Central folder where lots of user added Campaigns
      > are available.
      > There's a folder for new character sheet templates that aren't
      > included in the standard releases, and there's a folder for
      > Character PCG files
      > when users have problems that they need help diagnosing.
      > Users who want to send
      > in corrections or updates to anything that's included in the
      > official releases
      > of PCGen should upload those files to
      > http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=450173&group_id=36698&fun
      c=browse where one of us, including our very own
      Portal to the Negative Plane, will make sure it gets included in the

      Is there an "on-line" version of the documentation?
      Yes - at
      There's a "Troubleshooting" guide there if you have any trouble
      getting PCGen
      to run.

      Thanks, and welcome aboard!

      Bryan McRoberts (merton_monk@...)
      Author and Chief Code Monkey of PCGen

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      PCGen's release site: http://pcgen.sourceforge.net
      PCGen's FAQ: http://pedertest.officeline.no/PCGen
      PCGen's alpha build: http://rpg.plambert.net/pcgen
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