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RE: [pcgen] I've been away for a while and need to be filled in o n the changes...

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  • Martijn Verburg (DSLWN)
    OK, I ll reply publicly for any other people who ve recently come back. ... Much hard coding was moved to LST files, e.g. Saving throws A few interactive
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
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      OK, I'll reply publicly for any other people who've recently come back.

      >>Could somebody explain to me what the changes were specifically that
      >>led to OGL compliance.

      Much hard coding was moved to LST files, e.g. Saving throws

      A few 'interactive' elements were removed (e.g. Random dice
      generator, now replaced by dropdowns)

      Many data files _temporarily_ removed. We're negotiating to get
      them back.

      >>I read up on the PCGen website some issues of
      >>change, but don't really understand it all. I also heard that the
      >>new version works much faster and much better than older versions.
      >>Is this true?

      Yes, the changes above ironically forced us to do things in
      better ways. In particular the GUI interface is vastly improved over the

      >>Does PCGen still provide Star Wars character generation? Okina-drae
      >>had but was ordered to halt earlier this month. Still don't know why.

      Not at the moment. But as I mentioned above we are in
      negotiations to get them back and are quite hopeful. To cut a long story

      many software groups like ourselves were breaking license rules, hence
      they've been asked to remove certain functionality. Since we want

      to work with WoTC we became the 1st software group to become compliant with
      the licenses (both OGL and D20) and now we are talking with

      them to try and gain permission to get those files back.

      >>I know this is a lot, but I'm pondering over whether I should
      >>download the newest version of PCGen or just rely on my old one.

      If you desperately need the start wars functionality then stay
      with the old one for the moment. We hope very soon we'll be able to put the

      Files back in, so wait for the announcement!


      PCGEN Moderator

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