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Re: 2 issues?

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  • SithLord_UK
    Thats an arse. This is my chars first level so I wouldve expected it to be there. Although thinking about it I suspect I might have added his 1st level of
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2002
      Thats an arse. This is my chars first level so I wouldve expected
      it to be there. Although thinking about it I suspect I might have
      added his '1st level' of clericism (that so isn't a word :)) before
      I altered his ability scores.....

      Presumeably I can get round this by taking off his cleric class and
      re-adding it???...

      Yes that does indeed work. Thanks for the info.


      --- In pcgen@y..., "Zevious" <zevious@c...> wrote:
      > Firstly: For some silly reason (it's in the rules) increases in
      > Intelligence are NOT reflected on previous levels (IE: Placing a
      ring of
      > +12 intelligence upon your finger does NOT allow you to learn a
      > more skills...even if you took the time to try). However, if you
      > a level while your intelligence was raised, you would gain
      > skills points for that level (and that one only). Intelligence is
      > only one that I know of that does this (IE: Ring of +12 Con would
      > you a bunch more hp while wearing it).
      > Due to this, you MUST ALWAYS modify your ability scores (well, at
      > intelligence) BEFORE you add levels to a character that is being
      > or the new character will not gain any skill points for having a
      > INT (additionally, depending on your purchase mode settings, he
      > lose alot due to beginning INT being 0 and having a -5 ability
      > modifier).
      > Secondly, Known issue. It will hopefully get resolved soon.
      > Zev
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      > Subject: [pcgen] 2 issues?
      > More than likley me doing something wrong but...
      > Firstly I was trying to recreate my 'manual' character using PCGEN
      > and when inputting skills I ran out of skill points. It seems to
      > that PCGEN was not taking my intelligence modifier into account
      > generating my skill points. I tested this by upping my
      > to the next mod level and there was indeed no increase in my skill
      > points available to spend.
      > Secondly, I minor error occurred on the printed sheet. My saving
      > throws were all showing correctly as totals, but the components
      > making them up were wrong. For some reason it had duplicated my
      > ability mods into the misc mods field, eg:
      > Fort Save: 1 = 2 -1 0 -1
      > Reflex: 0 = 0 0 0 0
      > Will: 6 = 2 +4 0 +4
      > As you can see the totals are correct but it's confusing having
      > numbers in the misc field...
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