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(MYNEX/Tir) Re: [pcgen] Help with loading lst files

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  • James Dempsey
    Hi Zeglar, I had a quick look at this, and it appears that one of the standard list files has a problem (hence the alert for Mynex and Tir). The file
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2002
      Hi Zeglar,

      I had a quick look at this, and it appears that one of the standard list
      files has a problem (hence the alert for Mynex and Tir). The file
      citizengames\sourcebooks\sidewinder\core\sidewinder\sidewinderequip.lst has
      an incorrect entry for Belt (Cartridge) at line 14.

      You can either exclude this file (or all of the sidewinder stuff) or correct
      the problem on your system. If you wish to correct it, you will need to find
      out the weight that the Belt (Cartridge) can hold, as that is what missing.
      Assuming that this figure is 2, the CONTAINS tag on this line should be
      CONTAINS:2|Total=50|Bullet=50 whereas it says in the file

      When editing these files, be careful to preserve tabs. If you change the
      tabs, the file will break!

      In addition to this error, there are also a number of lines like:
      Cannot apply .MOD: Gnoll not found

      These are likely to be caused by a file (or files) loading out of order. It
      might take a bit of ferreting around to work out which are not behaving. Try
      excluding publishers until the error goes away, and narrowing it down that
      way. They won't stop the rest of the sources from loading though, so they
      are not as bad.

      James Dempsey
      PCGEN Code Monkey (species unconfirmed)

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      From: "zelgar00" <zelgar00@...>
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      Sent: Friday, September 20, 2002 5:06 AM
      Subject: [pcgen] Help with loading lst files

      > I asked this question a few weeks ago about ver 3.1.1 and never got a
      > response, so hopefully I'll get one for ver 4.0.0.
      > Is there a specific order for loading the source files (e.g., Wotc
      > first, and all others later)? The reason why I ask is that if I
      > create a custom .pcc file that contains "All Sources" I get a ton of
      > errors in the java window and not all of the lst files get loaded.
      > I've even tried to load the Wotc files first, and then all of the
      > others and still get some problems (e.g., MOD files not found). If
      > there is a specific order that the files must be loaded, I hope the
      > next version of pcgen will do this automatically.
      > Before anyone asks, PCGEN 4.0.0 was loaded into a clean directory, so
      > there shouldn't be any problem with old lst files causing problems.
      > Is there a problem with the lst files that were included in the 3 zip
      > files, so that they need to be converted first? If so, I hope that
      > this is fixed prior to making the zip files. I have tried doing this
      > (loading all of the lst files) on 2 different machines, one running
      > Win95 and another Win2k, both with java 1.4.0_01 and have gotten the
      > same errors.
      > Any help is appreciated...
      > Zelgar Stargazer
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