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Re[2]: [pcgen] Just some notes...

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  • Lonestar
    KW On, Inventory, Equipping and Resources: KW Hmm, so instead of 1 window with all 3 tabs, we ll have 1 window with KW that tab, which will pop-up 2 more
    Message 1 of 44 , Aug 31, 2002
      KW> On, Inventory, Equipping and Resources:

      KW> Hmm, so instead of 1 window with all 3 tabs, we'll have 1 window with
      KW> that tab, which will pop-up 2 more windows?

      KW> Sorry but ughs ;) I liked the fact that PCGen was "mostly"
      KW> self-contained in one window.

      KW> I don't know if we want to look at possibly another level of tabs
      KW> (ughs?), but another possibility might be a "tab selector drop-box".
      KW> What i'm suggesting is perhaps on the "Equipment" tab, we have a drop
      KW> box for: Inventory, Equipping, Resources. Defaults to Inventory, and
      KW> choice saves with character so it opens back to where that character was
      KW> lased saved at (ie: what the user was currently working on).
      KW> Biggest problem I can see here is that it is not exactly truely standard
      KW> to do this, but then - theres lots of "not-so standard" things ;)

      KW> What about instead of tabs or a selector how about a "page-turn" - ie:
      KW> a 'turned-up' corner flips the page from 'Inventory' to 'Equipping'.
      KW> Have seen this used before ... but ... not a standard practice either.

      KW> I think my perference goes back to sub-levels of tabs really.... does
      KW> Java allow us to have the tabs on the left or right but with the text
      KW> vertically instead of horizontally (ala: Acrobat readers
      KW> bookmarks/thumbnails)?

      KW> What about different shapes of tabs or some form of "decoration"
      KW> differences between levels? Perhaps even just a different color or font
      KW> for the text on the tab?

      Please, PLEASE!!!! NO POPUPS!
      Keep it in one window, nice and clean. Either keep the tabs just as
      they are or make sub-tabs, but, please, no popups (you aren't trying
      to create a cheap website flair for PCGen, are you?). Imho thats
      a very bad style (except for save/load dialogs or options windows, but
      not for major program functions).

      Best regards,
      Lonestar mailto:Lonestar@...
    • Sussenberger, John
      Ahh, like Maste...E-tools. That sounds like a good idea :) John Sussenberger ... From: merton_monk [mailto:merton_monk@yahoo.com] Sent: Saturday, August 31,
      Message 44 of 44 , Sep 3, 2002
        Ahh, like Maste...E-tools.

        That sounds like a good idea :)

        John Sussenberger

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        Subject: [pcgen] Re: Just some notes...

        I've been thinking along the lines of a always-up-to-date statblock
        type replacement for the Preview tab.


        --- In pcgen@y..., Kurt Wimmer <kwimmer@r...> wrote:
        > On Preview Tab:
        > Actually, the Summary tab does NOT replace the Preview tab... the
        > summary tab does not provide a picture of the entire character,
        > snippits. It does not list the skills and feats or equipment.
        Does not
        > have all the calculations worked out on it, does not have all the
        > character info (desc, skin, bio, colors, etc etc) on it, and so on
        > so on.

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