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Fw: [pcgen] Re: Level, Skills, Feats, and Summary Tab

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  • Dan Young
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2002
      > Page 50, from the DnD rules FAQ:
      > -----
      > When you gain skill points or a feat, do you have to spend
      > the points or choose the feat right away? Is there any way
      > to save skill points or feats?
      > You have to spend skill points or choose feats as soon as you
      > get them.
      > There's no reason for DMs to be absolute about this. If
      > you're running a campaign and one of your players just can't
      > decide right away, it's okay to let the player wait awhile, but
      > the character must spend the points or choose the feat before
      > the character in question gains another level. Just delay all the
      > benefits for the new level until the player spends the points or
      > chooses the feat.
      > ------
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