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Re: [pcgen] Working on Fading Suns 20 - Questions - REPOST

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  • Tir Gwaith
    Going off list for this... In depth Racial discussion.. Maybe this will help me with the race.lst doc... Tir Gwaith LST Chimp MM Race Dragon ... From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2002
      Going off list for this... In depth Racial discussion.. Maybe this will
      help me with the race.lst doc...

      Tir Gwaith
      LST Chimp
      MM Race Dragon
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      Subject: [pcgen] Working on Fading Suns 20 - Questions - REPOST

      > - Note this is a repost since I don't think yahoo groups sent this
      > out via email, since It didn't make it to my email box. I post via
      > the web interface because my mail account doesn't allow redirection.
      > If you already received this, please accept my apologies for sending
      > it twice.
      > Hi. I'm currently working on a PC gen module for fading suns d20.
      > Here's what I have hammered out.
      > --------
      > Races: 80%
      > The Vorox race is proving a bit difficult.
      > Question: Any idea on how to implement the bonus 2d8 Hitpoints for
      > the vorox at first level? Currently I'm using a BONUS: tag that adds
      > 10 HP's, I can't find how to do this as a die roll in the docs.
      > Question: The vorox has several movement modes, and extra limbs. Is
      > a template the appropriate place to add these sorts of things? I'm
      > running into some odd issues with this.
      > --------
      > Classes 60-70%
      > I have the "easy" classes implemented.
      > Knave, Beastfriend, Techie, Soldier, Starwolf are pretty much
      > shippable as is.
      > Problem A:
      > The Priest, Noble and Guilder class all allow you to choose an
      > affiliation which grants you a circumstance bonus and a bonus
      > (prechosen) class skill. At the moment I have them choose a SA that
      > describes their house affiliation and what they should choose. THEN
      > I have them choose a new class skill using the ADD:CLASSSKILL() tag.
      > The problem with this is that it doesn't really do the work for
      > them. Is there a way to just add assign a new class skill based on
      > the results of a choice? I thought that the generic ADD:LIST might
      > have potential here, but alas...there is no BONUS tag that adds class
      > skills.
      > Problem B: Guilder access to super skills
      > The Guilder presents a special problem. They can choose any ten
      > skiils as class skills (excepting psi and theurgy specific skills).
      > ADD:CLASSSKILL(ANY)|10 accomplishes this, except that it doesn't
      > exculde the occult skills, even if they have PREXXX tags associated
      > with them. Any ideas on how to get around this?
      > Problem C: Occult based classes.
      > The problem here is again one of adding class-skills, based on
      > previous choices. At one level, a player chooses a path and gains
      > the first class-skill for that path, for the next two subsequent
      > levels they gain the second and third class skill. Then, they gain
      > the option of a bonus feat OR the fourth class skill associated with
      > their first choice.
      > And THEN they choose another path and begin the whole rigamarole
      > again.
      > This is how I have it implemented at the moment: at the first level
      > they choose an SA that unlocks all of the class skills associated
      > with that path (that is the classes start with the class skills, but
      > need the SA's to put points into them). They gain additional SA's to
      > remind them of when they are allowed to put points into the higher
      > degree path skills. However there is no restrictions on the higher
      > level paths, well except for 4th degree paths which require a
      > Psi/Theurgy feat 4th degree - Path name as a prereq.
      > This is kludgy and ugly...there MUST be a better way of doing this.
      > Any suggestions from the veterens?
      > Problem D: The Living Weapon.
      > This guy was really ugly for a while, but I've only got one point
      > left to really worry about...the Living weapon improves his crit
      > threat and multiplier as he goes up, in a way that stacks with the
      > improved Critical Feat. I've tried a few things, including the
      > BONUS|COMBAT tags, but they don't seem to be working (accorging to
      > the default template).
      > Again, suggestions?
      > There is another problem with the Living weapon, and thats with the
      > Vorox only combat feats...the extra attacks DON'T add to the living
      > weapon unarmed cycle. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this,
      > but I haven't gotten there yet, so I'll worry about that later.
      > Problem E: Wyrd
      > Wyrd is a mana pool that needs to be calculated for Occult
      > characters, and has special rules for improving. Is there anyway to
      > keep track of this pool...it improves no matter what class you are in
      > after you get it, but improves different depending on what class you
      > are in.
      > ---------
      > Feats
      > 70%
      > The feat tree is done. I just need to add descriptions, and in a few
      > cases add the appropriate bonuses. Except for the vorox feats, I
      > don't see any long term problems here.
      > ---------
      > Skills
      > 85%
      > All of the skills are entered, i just started using the new PCgen
      > release, and it organizes skills slightly differently.
      > Question: How do I get my skills to organize into custom
      > subcategories? I have TYPE:Strength.Psi.Bedlam, but when I use the
      > stat/type/name ogranization the Psi category (and its associated
      > skills) don't show up at all.
      > Equipment
      > ----------
      > 80%
      > All combat equipment has been entered. There are a couple of odd
      > issues, but I think they are the result of typos. Just data entry to
      > go on this.
      > Templates
      > ----------
      > None yet. The only template I'm considering is the Vorox one.
      > Custom material may be forthcoming for symbiotes and demon
      > possession, but only if I finish the main source.
      > Any suggestions on the difficulties I mentioned above would be very
      > appreciated.
      > Yours,
      > Chris Fedak
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