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RE: [pcgen] TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:2,blah?

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  • Arcady
    The answer is kinda no You can do it through multiple templates but it might get messy like this: template1 SA:coolstuff TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:this|that|the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 1, 2002
      The answer is 'kinda no'
      You can do it through multiple templates but it might get messy
      like this:
      template1    SA:coolstuff   TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:this|that|the other thing   TEMPLATE:template2
      template2    SA:coolstuff   TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:this|that|the other thing
      This will go through two pop-ups, once choice each.
      The mess can result if the user chooses the same thing twice. No real mess there just they won't get what they want...
      alternatively you could do:
      template1    SA:coolstuff   TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:this|that|the other thing
      this                       SA:this stuff               TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:that2|the other thing2
      that                       SA:that stuff              TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:this2|the other thing2
      the other thing        SA:other stuff            TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:this2|that2
      this2                       SA:this stuff              
      that2                       SA:that stuff             
      the other thing2        SA:other stuff            
      Which could get VERY confusing.
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      At 21:18 2002.06.01, Bob Galley wrote:
      Yes; the original lst writer for Rokugan and OA have it in place. Here's the example:
      TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:Crab|Crane|Dragon|Imperial|Lion|Mantis|Phoenix|Ronin|Scorpion|Unicorn|Minor Clans

      That generate only one choice, not two...
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      is there a way to have someone choose two templates from a list?

      Inquiring minds want to know...

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