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Working on Fading Suns 20 - Questions

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  • sparrowthirteen
    Hi. I m currently working on a PC gen module for fading suns d20. Here s what I have hammered out. ... Races: 80% The Vorox race is proving a bit difficult.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31 9:14 PM
      Hi. I'm currently working on a PC gen module for fading suns d20.
      Here's what I have hammered out.

      Races: 80%
      The Vorox race is proving a bit difficult.

      Question: Any idea on how to implement the bonus 2d8 Hitpoints for
      the vorox at first level? Currently I'm using a BONUS: tag that adds
      10 HP's, I can't find how to do this as a die roll in the docs.

      Question: The vorox has several movement modes, and extra limbs. Is
      a template the appropriate place to add these sorts of things? I'm
      running into some odd issues with this.
      Classes 60-70%
      I have the "easy" classes implemented.
      Knave, Beastfriend, Techie, Soldier, Starwolf are pretty much
      shippable as is.

      Problem A:
      The Priest, Noble and Guilder class all allow you to choose an
      affiliation which grants you a circumstance bonus and a bonus
      (prechosen) class skill. At the moment I have them choose a SA that
      describes their house affiliation and what they should choose. THEN
      I have them choose a new class skill using the ADD:CLASSSKILL() tag.

      The problem with this is that it doesn't really do the work for
      them. Is there a way to just add assign a new class skill based on
      the results of a choice? I thought that the generic ADD:LIST might
      have potential here, but alas...there is no BONUS tag that adds class

      Problem B: Guilder access to super skills
      The Guilder presents a special problem. They can choose any ten
      skiils as class skills (excepting psi and theurgy specific skills).
      ADD:CLASSSKILL(ANY)|10 accomplishes this, except that it doesn't
      exculde the occult skills, even if they have PREXXX tags associated
      with them. Any ideas on how to get around this?

      Problem C: Occult based classes.

      The problem here is again one of adding class-skills, based on
      previous choices. At one level, a player chooses a path and gains
      the first class-skill for that path, for the next two subsequent
      levels they gain the second and third class skill. Then, they gain
      the option of a bonus feat OR the fourth class skill associated with
      their first choice.

      And THEN they choose another path and begin the whole rigamarole

      This is how I have it implemented at the moment: at the first level
      they choose an SA that unlocks all of the class skills associated
      with that path (that is the classes start with the class skills, but
      need the SA's to put points into them). They gain additional SA's to
      remind them of when they are allowed to put points into the higher
      degree path skills. However there is no restrictions on the higher
      level paths, well except for 4th degree paths which require a
      Psi/Theurgy feat 4th degree - Path name as a prereq.

      This is kludgy and ugly...there MUST be a better way of doing this.
      Any suggestions from the veterens?

      Problem D: The Living Weapon.

      This guy was really ugly for a while, but I've only got one point
      left to really worry about...the Living weapon improves his crit
      threat and multiplier as he goes up, in a way that stacks with the
      improved Critical Feat. I've tried a few things, including the
      BONUS|COMBAT tags, but they don't seem to be working (accorging to
      the default template).

      Again, suggestions?

      There is another problem with the Living weapon, and thats with the
      Vorox only combat feats...the extra attacks DON'T add to the living
      weapon unarmed cycle. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this,
      but I haven't gotten there yet, so I'll worry about that later.

      Problem E: Wyrd

      Wyrd is a mana pool that needs to be calculated for Occult
      characters, and has special rules for improving. Is there anyway to
      keep track of this pool...it improves no matter what class you are in
      after you get it, but improves different depending on what class you
      are in.


      The feat tree is done. I just need to add descriptions, and in a few
      cases add the appropriate bonuses. Except for the vorox feats, I
      don't see any long term problems here.

      All of the skills are entered, i just started using the new PCgen
      release, and it organizes skills slightly differently.

      Question: How do I get my skills to organize into custom
      subcategories? I have TYPE:Strength.Psi.Bedlam, but when I use the
      stat/type/name ogranization the Psi category (and its associated
      skills) don't show up at all.

      All combat equipment has been entered. There are a couple of odd
      issues, but I think they are the result of typos. Just data entry to
      go on this.

      None yet. The only template I'm considering is the Vorox one.
      Custom material may be forthcoming for symbiotes and demon
      possession, but only if I finish the main source.

      Any suggestions on the difficulties I mentioned above would be very


      Chris Fedak
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