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Re: BUG: Loremaster not getting new spells for leveling

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  • arcady0@yahoo.com
    Hmm... Only thing is; I m not hitting save or reimporting at all during this process. I only import at the beginning, then do all the steps in the same session
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 2, 2001

      Only thing is; I'm not hitting save or reimporting at all during this

      I only import at the beginning, then do all the steps in the same
      session and get the results I mentioned.

      --- In pcgen@y..., mocha@m... wrote:
      > Okay - the problem is in saving/importing the character. Something
      > getting lost in the translation. I'll have to see what's going on...
      > -Bryan
      >> I was able to get it by removing all my loremaster levels
      >> making Tau a level 7 cleric.
      >> Then I upped him to a level 10 cleric.
      >> Then I added in 3 lorematser levels.
      >> At this point I could use level 5 spells but not level 6 nor 7 like
      >> level 13 cleric should.
      >> I removed 1 cleric level.
      >> At this point I could use level 5 and level 6 spells, as per a
      level 12
      >> cleric.
      >> I removed 2 more cleric levels making him a level 7 cleric, level 3
      >> Loremaster.
      >> He can now use level 5 spells like a level 10 cleric does.
      >> But my special abilities line looks like this:
      >> Turn Undead, 0|PCLEVEL|Cleric|1, 0|PCLEVEL|Cleric|1,
      >> First Secret, Bonus Caster Level for Cleric, Lore, Bonus Caster
      >> for Cleric, Second Secret, Bonus Caster Level for Cleric
      >> My castable spells says 2 for level 5. It should be 3 due to my
      >> My castable spells says 5 for level 1 much like it should.
      >> Arcady wrote:
      >>> Weird.
      >>> I started this character a while back.
      >>> It's been the source of most of my latest BUG reports. :)
      >>> But I added the loremaster levels this morning.
      >>> Just after downloading the latest copy of PCGen (31Mar01)
      >>> Just did what you did. And got the same problem still.
      >>> mocha@m... wrote:
      >>>> I found that if I clicked on the "Unwrap Lines" that I could copy
      >>>> into a pcg file with no trouble! So don't bother uploading it to
      >>>> PCG folder. I imported your character and sure enough, no level
      >>>> spells. I removed all the Loremaster levels and added them back
      >>>> - voila! Level 5 spells! Did you create this character with a
      >>>> different version? I'll look in my debuggable version later why
      >>>> Tau as is doesn't get any 5th level spells.
      >>>> --- In pcgen@y..., mocha@m... wrote:
      >>>>> Hm, I just created a Cleric/Loremaster and was successfully
      >>>>> higher level spells due to Loremaster levels. Can you upload
      >>>>> characters to the PCG folder? It's a bit of a hassle to
      copy/paste to
      >>>>> a file and then undo all the unnecessary carriage returns that a
      >>>>> puts into it - PCGen expects certain items to all be on the same
      >>>>> so carriage returns are problematic.
      >>>>> --- In pcgen@y..., Arcady <arcady0@y...> wrote:
      >>>>>> A level 7 Cleric/ level 3 Loremaster should have the spells and
      >>>>>> casting ability of a level 10 cleric.
      >>>>>> Yet when I make such a character with PCGen I never get any
      level 5
      >>>>> spells.
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