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Re: Requests/bugs

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    ... Yeah - I think I ll let you see what type the feat is and make a separate column for whether or not you qualify for the feat and sort on any of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2001
      --- In pcgen@y..., thoron-tir-gwaith@l... wrote:
      > Ok, I'm kinda new here, so some of this stuff may be on a message
      > before. I haven't seen it, but I haven't ready 100% of everything.
      > 1) Feats don't sort, although the program says they will. Besides
      > the "have/don't have" I'd like a way to sort them by "meet
      > requirements/don't" instead of just an astrix. That way I'm not
      > scrolling down through a bunch of stuff. That or perhaps by type
      > would help (General/item creation/psionic/metamagic/etc).

      Yeah - I think I'll let you see what type the feat is and make a
      separate column for whether or not you qualify for the feat and sort
      on any of the columns.

      > 2) Item sorts. I like the added breakdowns of the new version (I
      > just went from 3/27 to 3/31). I'd like Artisans tools to be a
      > different tab if possible. Is there a way to adjust the sort tool
      > the .lst/.pcc files? I've MUD zone coded before, and it doesn't
      > to be there, and I haven't seen it in the Readme doc. Not a bid
      > deal, I'll prob. get to know which sorter to use for different
      > in the next day or so.

      Well - you could add something unique to the TYPE: string for each of
      them. Something like .Artisan could be added to the end of the TYPE:
      string and it would then show up as a choice in PCGen.

      > 3) Purchasing items: I seem to end up with weird repeating
      > on the Gold left indicator. Sure I experiment and document where I
      > find the problems, or is this already known?

      No - at least I'm not aware of it. Can you give me details on how to
      replicate this?

      > 4) When I add a level of Cleric, it adds a "Domain" as a class for
      > skill points, although it gives no skill points to the class.
      > Slightly troublesome, but ignorable. When All cleric levels are
      > removed, it still leaves the domain as a "class" from which to
      > skill points. Again, troublesome, but ignorable.

      Right - the "Domain" class is a virtual class, mostly so clerics can
      use it to memorize their domain spells. You never advance in it, so
      you never get skill points associated with it. I just haven't
      bothered to filter it out as a choice in the skills tab.

      > 5) Skills. I like the ability to sort by cost
      > I just doesn't leave the skills in an nice pattern afterwords. A
      > sort by name after buy cost (or other sort) would be nice. It's
      > to have all the Craft skills in the same place. The only way to
      > insure that now is to only load one campaign (Ok, so I haven't
      > around to creating my own Campaigns .pcc and .lst's) or always have
      > it sorted by name.

      Secondary sorting, eh? Ok - this can be added to the Requested
      Features list, though it'll be a back-burner til I get bigger fish
      out of the way. :)


      > Thanks for the great program!

      My pleasure! And there are a number of people here who have invested
      a good bit of item and effort as well. It's worked out quite nicely!

      > Andrew
      > Thoron-tir-Gwaith
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