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Re: Character sheet tag request

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    Okay - I ll put your requests on my list. -Bryan ... doesn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2001
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      Okay - I'll put your requests on my list.


      --- In pcgen@y..., "Richard O'Doherty-Gregg" <OdGregg@b...> wrote:
      > Hi Bryan,
      > Could you add a filter as follows:
      > |%SPELLLISTBOOK0.0|
      > Which will only be true if class0 has zero-th level spells? (and so
      > on for any level or spell class).
      > I need this to conserve space on my compact character sheet.
      > Also, the ability to insert the current loop counter in a for loop
      > would be great. Perhaps replace \%\ inside a loop with the number.
      > May want the option to have it either zero based or 1 based.
      > And finally, I can't seem to get FOR loops to iterate on
      > \SPELLLISTBOOK0.%\ and the like. But I can get around this if the
      > filter mentioned above is implemented.
      > Oh, and I've also just found that the |SPELLLISTBOOKx.y| tag
      > seem to have any spells in it for the Domain spells.
      > I can upload an example with sheet and character if necessary.
      > Thanks,
      > -ROG
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