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Re: Bug?

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  • magic_engineer
    I had the same problem. They changed the AC token a few versions ago. ... ACs it ... suspicious?
    Message 1 of 45 , May 16, 2002
      I had the same problem. They changed the AC token a few versions ago.

      --- In pcgen@y..., "George W. Harris" <gharris@m...> wrote:
      > When previewing characters, I get a box telling me 'Error
      > Replacing EQUIP.AC', and instead of calculating and showing varios
      ACs it
      > just lists variable names. Using the latest version of PCGen.
      > --
      > Doesn't the fact that there are *exactly* 50 states seem a little
      > George W. Harris gharris@m...
    • Andrew Wilson
      Yes, I realise that you can buy coin to represent money. You don t need to, the money mechanism is arbitrarily adjustable and spendable without possessing the
      Message 45 of 45 , Nov 23, 2013
        Yes, I realise that you can buy coin to represent money.  You don't need to, the money mechanism is arbitrarily adjustable and spendable without possessing the coin.  In fact you can go into debt, which is the equivalent of an overspent ability pool.

        I'm off to my monthly PFS game.  Won't be answering email for the rest of the day.


        On 23 November 2013 08:48, Andrew Wilson <andrew@...> wrote:
        The concept is very like cash, added at arbitrary times, and then spent on stuff.  It so happens that the stuff is very suitable for implementation as abilities.

        If I suggested that you had to buy coin to represent money, I'd likely get lynched.  That's kind of what you're suggesting here :-)

        I'd be wary of fixing that "bug" BTW do you really think that no-one is using the concept that adding to a variable only happens once no matter how many pieces of that equipment you have?  People come to rely on all kinds of behaviour, especially if they think it's intentional.

        My ideal "fix" for this would be some way to flag a variable as user adjustable.  And that would display it on the GUI somewhere and let you tweak it's value to your heart's content.  If we also have an "add entry" that lets you add arbitrary numbers to the variable with an associated text string, that would allow complete implementation of the mechanism.  You'd add an entry every time you completed a scenario, with the scenario number as the label. If the variable was defined in a template, you wouldn't see it unless your character needed it.

        If it was only society play that used this mechanism, I'd say that was overkill, but this is being used more and more.  I'm quite attached to my interim solution, and dislike the "buy prestige items" one.


        On 23 November 2013 08:21, James Dempsey <jdempsey@...> wrote:


        Well, you have a bug in for the equipment issue, so maybe that would be a better approach to fix :)

        The issue I have with the temp bonus is that they can be switched on and off with the expectation that it will add or remove the effects of the bonus (think power attack/bear's endurance etc). If that effect is a bonus to the pool, it leaves the pool in an overspent state and really breaks the concept.


        On 23/11/2013 7:10 PM Andrew Wilson wrote
        I'm using it to add prestige to a character so I can buy things with it.  It's a pathfinder society mechanic that Paizo have used in several other ways.

        Magic schools in Inner sea magic (this is the one I'm implementing)

        Pirates in Skulls and Shackles

        I first tried "items" of prestige, but you only get the variable incremented once no matter how many items you have.

        The TEMP BONUS works, you just have to save and reload the character then you can spend the prestige on abilities. I can't see any other way to add an arbitrary number of something to a pc.  It turns out that apart from the reload, this one works perfectly.

        This is already good enough for my purposes, but I'm reluctant to update the official sets while the mechanism is ropey, as it currently is.


        On 23 November 2013 00:43, James Dempsey <jdempsey@...> wrote:

        Hi Andrew,

        That approach sounds pretty odd to me. What do you expect to happen when you enable/disable the temp bonus?

        While the syntax is correct I am not sure we should be supporting it.


        On 23/11/2013 2:48 AM Andrew Wilson wrote
        No, I'll try it with something recent.

        On 22 November 2013 15:03, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:

        Yes - Bug
        I believe recently fixed though. Did you test with the latest build?

        On 11/22/2013 6:56 AM, Andrew Wilson wrote:

        I place the following in an ability and add it to a PC

        BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Ability Pool Of Interest|MyPoolIncrementer
        CHOOSE:NUMBER|MIN=1|MAX=50|TITLE=Number of interesting Abilities
        The temp bonus show up under the abilities section and I can add any number between 1 and 50.  This appears to have no further effect, it does not add to the "Ability Pool Of Interest".

        If I save the character and reload it with the TEMPBONUS applied then the ability pool gets incremented.

        Is there some reason why this doesn't work, or is it a bug?

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