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Re: [pcgen] Re: Dragonstar armor typo fix

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  • Dan Young
    Well, it sounds good, but I don t think that s explicitly stated. Also, I was confused about the load penalties. You take the worse penalties of those from
    Message 1 of 7 , May 1, 2002
      Well, it sounds good, but I don't think that's explicitly stated. Also, I
      was confused about the load penalties. You take the worse penalties of
      those from your armor and from your current load. So, if the armor worn
      (heavy or not) has lesser penalties than your current load (say, medium)
      then the worse of each penalty apply. The category of the armor doesn't
      factor into it. In the case of a medium load and a combat hardsuit, you'd
      get a max dex bonus of 1 from the armor, and a check penalty of -3 from the

      But yes, it might make sense for the armor to carry its own weight. It'd be
      easy enough to change the weight for the armor to zero in the .lst files, if
      you plan to use it that way. I'd have to present it to the DM locally and
      see what he thinks, but it makes sense.


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      > Its powered. Its weight should not count towards load penalties is
      > how I tend to see it. The servo's or whatever you want to call the
      > powered articulators and such should more than compensate for the
      > armors weight. The max dex is +1 and +0 for combat hardsuit and
      > assualt hardsuit respectively and theres no armor check penalty. The
      > max dex bonus numbers more than make up for not counting the armors
      > weight. The fact that their description also states that the wearer
      > is able to move at hustle speeds for 12 straight hours without rest
      > or suffering fatigue penalties and can install integral weapons
      > should be enough to allow one to say that there are no load
      > penalties for wearer this type of armor. Anyhow, if you include load
      > penalties for the powered armors weight its like saying you add the
      > weight of the horse your riding or the car your driving to the
      > characters load. Powered armor is basically a construct or vehicle
      > that your strapped into. Also where your talking about if powered
      > armor counts as medium or heavy armor for superceding load penalty
      > purposes theres nothing to figure out. Powered armor is one step
      > above heavy armor. light/medium/heavy/powered.
      > --- In pcgen@y..., "Dan Young" <unknown@t...> wrote:
      > > Sorry to be so fixated on power armor, but I notice more oddities
      > the more I
      > > look...
      > >
      > > Power armor is pretty heavy (250 or 350 pounds), but it gives the
      > user an 18
      > > or 22 strength. This is still enough weight to count as a medium
      > or heavy
      > > load. Loads can give max dex bonuses and armor check penalties,
      > but only if
      > > the load category is greater than the rating of the armor.
      > (Medium load
      > > with light armor, etc.) Power armor doesn't seem to count as
      > medium or
      > > heavy armor, so the character receives a load penalty along with
      > the armor
      > > penalties. The book isn't clear about if power armor should count
      > as heavy
      > > armor for superseding load penalties, but this would seem
      > appropriate. Any
      > > ideas on this?
      > >
      > > Dan
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