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  • Tim Evans
    Hello BRAD, ... SB Would that be a modifier for the weapon itself? Could the same modifier SB also modify the weapon s weight to zero? This would really
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 29, 2002
      Hello BRAD,

      Monday, April 29, 2002, 3:35:37 PM, you wrote:

      >> --- In pcgen@y..., Tim Evans <groups@t...> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Is there any way in PCGen to make arrows modify Bow To Hit/Damage,
      >> > ie Magic Arrows, and in DragonStar there are High Tech Arrows that
      >> > do one dice step higher damage than normal arrows, even when fired
      >> > from a normal bow.

      >> From: gsbingl
      >> 2.
      >> Add a eqModifier:
      >> High Tech[Tab]TYPE:Ammunition[Tab]COST:x[Tab]

      SB> Would that be a modifier for the weapon itself? Could the same modifier
      SB> also modify the weapon's weight to zero? This would really only be useful
      SB> in-game if one could include more than one version of a bow, the base one,
      SB> and the ones with the various types of ammunition, in the equipment list.
      SB> Each of the modified ones would have to have zero weight so that they
      SB> wouldn't affect encumbrance. And of course this increases the number of
      SB> weapons that appear on the csheet.

      That would be my preferred method

      SB> Other than that, perhaps make the bows containers which can only hold
      SB> arrows. Then step through the "contained" items, and add their bonuses to
      SB> the "container" item to get the total.

      SB> Brad

      Best regards,
      Tim mailto:tim.evans@...
      Author of PCGenView http://www.pcgenview.com
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