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Re: PCGen and PCGen:DM on Source Forge

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  • bd_92
    ... and ... put ... open ... not ... long as ... that ... Jamis work is on the sourceforge page so I take it that that s the signal for open source
    Message 1 of 13 , Mar 3, 2002
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      --- In pcgen@y..., Mynex <mynex3@c...> wrote:
      > Let me explain a bit more... SF means that anyone that knows how,
      > wishes to can go in and change the code and release the changes.
      > _ONLY_ things that can be freely modified and redistributed can be
      > into SF, so the generator itself can't go in there as it's not an
      > source program.
      > You may have been given the old code, but the original author may
      > want it to be Open Source. There is a big difference there. As
      long as
      > the Original Authors give written (email) permission to make their
      > source Open Source, I see no problems with putting the individual
      > programs in there, Hell, it might get us some other Code Monkeys
      > want to play with them and improve them!

      Jamis' work is on the sourceforge page so I take it that that's the
      signal for open source acceptance. Someone go here and tell me what
      they think of this:


      This to me looks like he is giving the source away to use and alter.
      I can and will do this as well for my end as long as myself and jedi
      get credit for our end of the work.
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