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RE: [pcgen] Re: Stone of Good Luck

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  • Mynex
    I was saying that there s a lot of things going on... and there s a lot of people doing them... So while I might be the go to guy for list files, there are
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 2, 2002
      I was saying that there's a lot of things going on... and there's a lot
      of people doing them... So while I might be the 'go to' guy for list
      files, there are only so many things I can do at any given time. I do
      have other projects, and a RL to contend with as well as PCGen... and
      sometimes I do forget things (like this)...

      Hopefully now though, things will be a bit more structured with the list
      files to make sure this doesn't happen again (and yes someone overwrote
      with an older list file).

      i.e. Please remember that this is a volunteer project, and PCGen is a
      free program. People work on things as they can, in what order they
      can, and by what interests them. There are a few of us who do the
      'grunt' work, but we can't be everywhere at all times. There are a lot
      of things 'that take seconds to fix' and we get to them as quickly as we

      And maybe it's me, but the tone of your post came across as , 'OH MY
      GOD, why can't these people get these simple things out of the way!
      It's not that hard!'... meaning demanding. If that was not your intent,
      then I apologize, if it was your intent, then please refrain from doing
      so again for the above paragraph of reasons. I'm not being rude or
      mean, just stating how it came across to me, so this isn't meant as a
      flame post.


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      > Oh, it's nothing I couldn't do without... after all, I'm competant
      > enough to create my own custom version in my own list file. For
      > other users that don't know enough to make their own list file
      > they'd be stuck on a core rules item that takes seconds to fix,
      > while new content from obscure books are constantly being added, and
      > that just seems wrong. :)
      > The new windows and all are nice, but ultimately this is a tool to
      > play D&D... it would seem to me that the priority would be an
      > accurate representation of the rules before wizbang features, unless
      > they're extensive problem rules with special cases, etc, that are
      > hard (if not impossible) to impliment.
      > I'm at a loss to how it could have gotten broken in the first
      > place. Someone upload one of their old copies with a change instead
      > of modifying the one that was there at one point?
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