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Re: [pcgen] Re: New Skill tab design

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  • Martin Brabander
    ... Thanks...I m sure that wasn t there when I looked before I posted :) ... I actually quite like the skills tab, but hate the inventory tab... I just can t
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2002
      kos_keep wrote:

      > --- In pcgen@y..., Martin Brabander <crazy-horse@p...> wrote:
      > > I'm beginning to come around to the look and feel of the new
      > designs to
      > > the tabs, particularly with last nights release including the skill
      > > revamp. However, I miss something from the old design (It may be
      > > present but I can't find it). The ability to add skills up to the
      > > maximum ranks seems to be missing. This was really handy for
      > general
      > > use, but especially in creating high level characters. Can anyone
      > point
      > > how to do it now, or put it back in a future release, please?
      > >
      > > Martin
      > I have not checked to be sure but it can probably be access by right-
      > clicking he skill.

      Thanks...I'm sure that wasn't there when I looked before I posted :)

      > Personally I prefered the old design for skills
      > because everything was in the same area. I just think it was easier
      > working with only 1 list.

      I actually quite like the skills tab, but hate the inventory tab... I just
      can't get used to it, and can never find a thing. :(

      What I do think is a little cumbersome on the skills tab is having Art as a
      sub-type, with all of the 'crafts' listed (AFAIK) also available under the
      Craft sub-type.

      I do like the smart filters. Well done team!!!! I am in the process of
      converting a fairly old (1st Ed -converted to 2nd) character. I had selected
      the filter as class - fighter, and when I switched classes to rogue, the
      filter changed for me automatically.

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