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PCGen 2.4.2 is available

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  • merton_monk
    NOTE: the zip files have changed names!!!! The new Inventory tab is ready for testing. It s next to the Equipment tab, which it will replace in the next
    Message 1 of 44 , Jan 31, 2002
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      NOTE: the zip files have changed names!!!!

      The new "Inventory" tab is ready for testing. It's next to the
      Equipment tab, which it will replace in the next release. Both tabs
      are in this release just temporarily. More tweaks will be added to
      the tab in the coming releases - this is just the initial "revamp" of
      this tab. More tabs are getting face-lifts, so stay tuned!

      Here's the list of Bugs that have been fixed and features that have
      been added. If you reported one of these, please verify that it is
      was addressed properly. PCGen is available at
      http://pcgen.sourceforge.net, and the main discussion group is at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen. Be sure to download both parts
      of PCGen... part1of2_242.zip and part2of2_242.zip. What happened to
      pcgen242.zip and data242.zip? It became evident that many users were
      only downloading the pcgen zip file, whereas they really need to
      download both zip files. The pcgen zip file may have problems if it
      is not used with its data zip file - often new features and bug fixes
      rely upon data modifications or additions. Renaming the files as
      'partxof2' should help emphasize the need to download both of them
      and avert potential problems.

      We've got some OS-specific installs of PCGen to help those who have
      trouble installing the generic version.At
      you will find a list of these releases which you can use if you have
      trouble with the version you find here. Please note that there
      alternate versions are updated by users, so there may be some time
      lag between when an official release comes out and when the alternate
      OS-specific release is ready.

      510691 Missing Files
      511062 Shuriken damage incorrect
      507844 CSKILL in RACE.LST
      509511 Bracers of Armour add to AC -Armour worn
      509275 Ring (Evasion) doesn't add Evasion feat.
      508964 Barding not included in Equipment List
      508958 AC Calculations Displayed Incorrectly
      508932 Problem with AC.ARMOR.SHIELD
      509886 Wheel of Time new character error
      510301 Random Weights not calculating correctly
      509253 Hutt race in starwars has wrong stat mod
      509383 Monsters don't show up in Combat tab
      509704 Total Value limited to ~214K gp
      491737 elem. savant not calc correct # spells
      506711 Arcane Trickster spell caster increase / Extra spell feat
      504981 Spells known count is off for psions
      505396 Longbow (+4 Mighty/Composite) error
      501049 Cosmopolitan skill selection
      507828 Missing Armor AC
      504835 Skills Knowledge/Prestige classes
      507156 pdf format error
      503047 Racial Feats with choies still dont work
      504929 Education doesn't work!

      509389 Base 10 stats for monster races
      508864 Set all stats to the same value.
      508606 WEIGHT,HEIGHT Tags
      498710 Variable Skill "Wildcards"
      501067 Cannot have a choice for base language

      496404 Inventory addition (Barding)
      510262 Silver bullets
      508102 Data Correction (DMG list files)
      502879 SOURCE tag adjustment/Change
      507635 Typo corrected in eldritchspells.lst

      495758 Add Flurry of Blows stats to cSheets
      508624 ARMORx.Type/WEAPONx.Type
      511010 Too Many Craft/Knowledge/Prof Skills

      The PCGen Development Team
    • Scott Ellsworth
      ... I am not using any skins at the moment - I will spend a bit of time tracking this down tomorrow. (But please leave the name only option in the pull down
      Message 44 of 44 , Feb 4, 2002
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        On Monday, February 4, 2002, at 02:17 PM, merton_monk wrote:

        > Nope - I'm not using threads at all. FWIW I use WinNT and Win98
        > machines and have never seen a crash when clicking on that JComboBox
        > component... have you tried using a different skin? I'd be curious to
        > know if that could be involved somehow.

        I am not using any skins at the moment - I will spend a bit of time
        tracking this down tomorrow. (But please leave the "name only" option
        in the pull down till I get a chance to, as that does not cause grief.)

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