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Re: "API" type access to PCGen

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  • skippy_net
    ... got ... the ... file has ... files, or ... some ... I m sure it s been addressed somewhere, but: why not include all the information in the .pcg files? It
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 3, 2002
      --- In pcgen@y..., "Brass Tilde" <brasstilde@y...> wrote:
      > > Why can't a seperate helper-app read the .pcg files, and create
      > > the .pdb for the handheld? I haven't used PCGenView (yet! just
      > > my Sony CLIE), so I'm not familiar with the steps involved.
      > Two problems with this (well, one isn't really a problem). Not all
      > information that is exported, is held in the PCG file. The PCG
      file has
      > many references to data that exists elsewhere, such as in LST
      files, or
      > values that are derived at runtime.
      > The other thing is, the code for exporting is already written. If
      > method can be found to re-use it, why reinvent the wheel.

      I'm sure it's been addressed somewhere, but: why not include all the
      information in the .pcg files? It would be a static snapshot of the
      rules, and would not include the logic or game mechanics to obviate
      the need for the books. So it shouldn't violate any intellectual
      propert concerns. (Indeed, people distribute fully loaded character
      sheets in MS Word or HTML format already; if .pcg files are simple
      text, this should be no different).

      As for the second point, re-inventing the wheel would be (partly)
      necessary if someone would like to use a non-java solution.

      For example, I have a very sluggish laptop that I take to gaming
      sessions, and PCGen performs _abysmally_ on it. If I could create a
      text based perl interface for .pcg manipulation, I'd use that much
      more often while at the gaming table. Likewise, that perl solution
      could be made into a CGI for execution on my website to allow my play-
      by-email characters to maintain their character sheets themselves,
      while still keeping all files / information under my website (so we
      all know where to go for the authoritative character sheet).
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