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Lycanthrope Templates

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  • WoofWolfNJ
    Hi Folks, I ve been working on the Lycanthrope templates in the data wotc sourcebooks dungeonsanddragons core monstermanual monmantemplates.lst file and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002
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      Hi Folks,

      I've been working on the Lycanthrope templates in the
      monmantemplates.lst file and gotten fairly far. I added an
      entry for 'Human Form' because I don't think there's a good
      way to really handle the 3 forms all at once (Human, Hybrid,
      Dire). I added in the Attr, Skills and Feats for each of the
      standard 'thropes. I even added a base template for all
      Lycanthropes which gives the +2 to Fort and Will saves.

      But now I've run into a snag: how can I set it to use the
      better Save or Skill of either the character or the animal
      form? For instance, a Dire Rat has 'Climb +14', but my poor
      WereRat Rogue with Dex 16 maxes out at 'Climb +7'. Similarly,
      the Dire Rat gets a Fort Save +3, and a Rogue with Con 12 gets
      only +1 but a WereRat Rogue with Con 12 should get +5 (the
      +3 from Dire Rat, +1 from Con and +2 for Lycanthrope).

      Also, how can I add the Bite or Claw attacks they get?

      Thanks in advance,
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