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Re: new |save.xxx|, |AC.xxx| tokens for csheets

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  • backlash_de
    ... Strange ... I ll fix that right away. ... Right. That s an intentional error. I ll fix it. ... Where did it get added previously? I ll look into that. I
    Message 1 of 49 , Jan 1, 2002
      > - FORTITUDE.BASE works just fine, but REFLEX.BASE and WILL.BASE just
      > return "0"

      Strange ... I'll fix that right away.

      > - AC.Ability does not include wisdom bonus for monks.

      Right. That's an intentional error. I'll fix it.

      > - where does the Monks inherent AC bonus get added? (or rather where
      > should it get added? Ability probably)

      Where did it get added previously?
      I'll look into that.
      I thought AC.ABILITY to be max(dex mod, armor max dex).
      But you are right, boni due to WIS or INT (S&F Duelist) belong here.
      We could argue that AC.ABILITY reflects boni due to stat modifiers,
      so inherent class abilities do not belong, on the other hand, it is
      called AC.ABILITY ...
      Gonna have to think on that for a while ...

      > - AC.EQUIP does not seem to be getting bonuses from Rings, Bracers

      Extremely strange ... that's exactly what it was intended and tested
      for ... I'll fix it.

      > Basically I want to use:
      > +
      > AC.ABILITY
      > +
      > AC.SIZE
      > +
      > AC.NATURAL
      > +
      > =
      > AC.TOTAL

      That's almost identical to what I did in csheetTBE_classic.fo -
      worked fine ...

      > Now, if you add in the Wisdom (or other stat bonuses) to AC.ABILITY
      > (how about just making it equal to the current |ACABILITYMOD|?

      NO WAY.
      ACABILITYMOD includes all boni from BONUS:COMBAT|AC|x, that means
      boni from magical equipment such as rings and bracers will be added.
      Where's the sense in that?
      That token was the main reason for me to add the new ones ... ummh,
      make that "... to TRY to add ...".

      > I'd like to get the changes to my sheet in for the next release.
      > And the saves definitely need fixing

      Right ...

      > (since you've changed all the sheets)

      ... but that's not the reason. I only exchanged |save.RACE| for
      |save.MISC.NOMAGIC| (or added |save.MISC.NOMAGIC.NORACE| where
      possible). I did nothing to AC stuff!

      > Thanks,
      > -ROG

      No prob, I commited those crimes. ;-)


      You know that the old tokens for AC related stuff still exist and
      work unchanged?
      So, if my fixes won't be in time (or you are unsatisfied with those
      new ones), you can always use the old stuff ...
    • Tim Evans
      Hello Lonestar, Sunday, January 06, 2002, 12:28:45 PM, you wrote: L Hi! L I m not sure if there is already a FREQ for this, but would it be L possible to
      Message 49 of 49 , Jan 6, 2002
        Hello Lonestar,

        Sunday, January 06, 2002, 12:28:45 PM, you wrote:

        L> Hi!

        L> I'm not sure if there is already a FREQ for this, but would it be
        L> possible to replace the "Close", "Medium", "Long" for spell ranges
        L> with the actual values? i.e. 25ft. + 5ft/2levels for Close

        Better still, given PCGen knows what level the caster is just have the
        calculated range..:)

        L> Next request concerning spells:
        L> Would it be possible to have saving throw DC on a per spell basis and
        L> automatically add bonuses from feats (i.e. Spell Focus giving +2 for
        L> a chosen school).

        Like both those ideas, can put them to good use in PCGenView.

        Best regards,
        Tim mailto:tim.evans@...
        Author of PCGenView http://www.pcgenview.com
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