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Re: Bug: 1st level Fighter feats

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    ... select ... True, 2 of the feats don t *have* to be from the list, but you re given that option. Since you can close the window via the x I haven t bothered
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 3, 2001
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      --- In pcgen@y..., clubvance@m... wrote:
      > Created a 1st level Human fighter....
      > Feat select window popped up....
      > 1) Fighter BONUS feats ONLY showed up. 2 of the 3 Feats I can
      > don't have to be BONUS feats and the window won't "close" until you
      > select all 3 (unless you close it with the "X" in the upper right
      > corner.)You should be able to close it after the first feat
      > selection. The other 2 feats should be chosen from the FEAT Tab.

      True, 2 of the feats don't *have* to be from the list, but you're
      given that option. Since you can close the window via the x I haven't
      bothered with loosening up the criteria on the window that will only
      allow you to close the window when all selections have been made.

      > 2) Selected "Weapon Focus" as a feat, and closed the window with
      > the "X" ....The weapon select window opened.... NO WEAPONS to
      > from. Also it says I can choose 3 weapons for my "Weapon
      > only happens if you DON'T select all 3 feats from the first window)

      I think this is because your choices are being made before your
      weapon proficiencies have been assigned. Basically, close it, go to
      the feats tab and reselect Weapon Focus there.


      > VR
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