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Re: Bugs (war domain and domain#2) and questions

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    ... weapon ... the ... feats ... The ... the ... Currently, unlocking doesn t do anything except change the text field. All that Locking does is copy any
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2001
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      --- In pcgen@y..., skasi_2000@y... wrote:
      > I found the following (minor) bugs in the last release:
      > - If you add a cleric level to a fighter, who already has any
      > focus, you don't get the "free" weapon focus, when choosing (and
      > locking) the war domain (provided the deity's favored weapon is
      > different).
      > - If you add a cleric level to an existing character, who had no
      > access to domains before, you can't select the second domain for
      > cleric, without reselecting the deity field.
      > And now there are some questions:
      > Is there any effect when unlocking a domain (aside of the button's
      > text)? I ask, because I don't know if you intend to remove any
      > or skills granted by domains. IMHO this should be done by the user
      > himself, since PCGen doesn't track the origin of a skill or feat.
      > only exception I'm aware of could be the weapon-focus granted by
      > war domain, though this may also lead to problems, if the weapon
      > focus for the deity's favored weapon was also chosen before by the
      > character's fighter class.

      Currently, unlocking doesn't do anything except change the text
      field. All that "Locking" does is copy any feats associated with the
      domain to your character, and I can't reverse that presently when
      you "Unlock". I should probably just get rid of the Lock/Unlock
      button, but then the question would be when to present the choices
      (like for the War domain).

      > Since the VFEAT:tag isn't yet included, are there known problems
      > classes who get specific class features? I know that the ranger's
      > class features are hard-coded for now, but I'm not sure about the
      > monk. And I don't want to bother you with bugs, that are resolveld,
      > once the VFEAT:tag is implemented. (Otherwise I intend to do tests
      > with the monk-class this weekend)
      > You are doing a great job!!!

      Thanks! The obvious byproduct of not having the VFEAT working yet is
      that some classes cannot meet the requirements for other feats (or
      possibly even some prestige classes). The ones that leap to mind are
      the Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting for the Ranger, and
      Stunning Fist for Monks. I don't recall any other classes having
      virtual feats, but I'm sure there are some - especially among the
      prestige classes.


      > skasi
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