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MM: Race overhaul ideas *long*

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  • thoron-tir-gwaith@lycos.com
    This is a long one: you ve been warned. Ok, I ve done a *lot* of thinking on the MM list while I ve been overhauling my Puter. I m going to break it all down
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2001
      This is a long one: you've been warned.
      Ok, I've done a *lot* of thinking on the MM list while I've been
      overhauling my 'Puter. I'm going to break it all down into the
      different sections. Some should be able to be implemented now,
      others need code changes, and I'm *NOT* a Java code monkey - I fall
      into the LST monkey category. :)

      I. Aspects we really could do away with in the Race.lst files:
      1) Skills per level (Emily did a nice one on that)
      2) Feats at first level (ADD:FEAT|LIST) or something for those that
      get one (Races with more than one HD don't get it: they get the
      Feats / number of HD.
      3) AC: either AC:<10+X> or a BONUS:AC|x|TYPE:Natural - I know the
      types now work, but does it still need the AC flag??? Pretty much all
      of them are Natural bonuses, and the other ones I've seen are
      4) Initiative - I've actually started deleting that tabbed section
      from the LSTs I've been doing. No point to all the extra tabs, and
      it can be done as BONUS:COMBAT|Initiative|x and placed with the
      Bonuses section. We can prob. get rid of the INIT: from the actual
      code, unless that is the flag the combat bonuses get stacked to?

      II. Things always based on TYPE, esp. over 1 HD, that I'd like a
      way to do away with:
      1) HP(HD type), BAB progression, this is Strictly off of the MM
      Charts from Type and # of HD
      2) SAVES: would need a way to choose (or determine as an extra flag
      for the actual race) for some types: Animal: Usually Fort and Ref,
      Elementals (variable by TYPE, Fort or Ref), Humanoids: variable, but
      only 1. This choosing part might be done with templates. I haven't
      researched that, but it seems feasible, with all the stuff done with
      templates for MM right now, and with FR stuff. Would need the code
      to base off the HD for Races though.
      3) VISION: When Vision becomes a PObject, (I understand that is a
      future project), like basic TYPE Visions, with the VISION tag used in
      Race.lst for replacing/augmenting it - I.e. All animals have
      lowlight, with exception of Bat, which has Blindsight 120', Normal
      10' (Normal with limit of 10')..

      III. Creation of MM Monsters: There are two ways to do it:
      A) PC (done strictly by HD with added ECL) and
      B) quick NPC, straight from MM, for easy printout in template form,
      or slight modifications, HD addition, etc. From the posts, both
      methods are desired. Ok, how to do it?

      Both need: Racial Ability Adjustment, HD, Size, Movement, SA(With HD
      dependencies), Racial Bonuses, Natural Weapons, Weapon Proficiencies,
      Languages, Vision, Source, Favored Class, AC bonus, BONUS:SKILL for
      racial bonuses, Hitdiceadvancement (based on type),
      A) Needs: CSKILL,CCSKILL, ECL, Type (for all the different aspects
      based off of hd:Saves, BAB, skills, etc)
      B) Needs: Type (for raising HD, along with for A), BONUS:SKILLRANK
      (for applying MM entry data), CR, Feats

      What we can do: 1) make two separate lists, and load different
      race.lst files depending on which way you want to use it or 2) Create
      a way to easily generate A above (basing off of TYPE and HD), and
      have a selection as to which way you want to generate it or 3) just
      do A or B (way we have it now: most are B, some are A). The way to
      generate the types of BAB, saves and such should prob. be a
      racialtype.lst in the system directory. The other way to do it is
      Templates but this doesn't use it the same way, so I don't know if
      that is a good thing.
      What I *Want*: Put all of the above in the race.lst, and have an
      option box on the first screen that allows choice between allowing B:
      throwing out [BONUS:SKILLRANK and Feats] if selected. Put things
      that are associated with the Creatures description as VFeats for the
      purpose of keeping Feats (animals don't get feats, but do get weapon
      finesse in some cases, so it's a part of the creature (VFEAT), not a
      feat) - Can you get a VFEAT for a nonstackable, Multi Feat? I'd like
      to do that way, though I haven't started testing my
      monmananimals.lst - I'm only at the Sharks

      IV. Things I'd like to suggest not involving the above.
      A) CRs other than straight integers: I'd like a way to show (and
      enter) CR: 1/3., CR:1/4, CR:1/2 Perhaps CR:<x>|<y>, the <y> being
      optional (default to divide by one), but used when sorting by CR in
      the racial selection, and displaying x/y... (GUI Thing here)
      B) HD less than 1 (Kobold, some animals, smaller skeletons) -
      basically same as 1 HD except below it w/o classes/perhaps NPC
      classes. I haven't been doing 1d4 for the 1/2d8 though I could, and
      probably will when I go over everything next time.
      C) Weapon.Natural as PObjects added automatically with the correct
      stats (I.E. have them in a naturalweapon.lst file with all the
      different modifications and in the race file tell it which ones are
      primary, which ones secondary, and how much of the STR bonus to
      use. That way the feats and stuff would work. Basically I just
      want Natural weapons to work. I'll be posting my thoughts on that
      later in a different post.

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