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RE: [pcgen] File compatability

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  • Arcady
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    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2001
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      > 1. Are files supposed to be compatable as you move forward with
      > versions? Or are we supposed to just find a version we like and
      > stick with it?

      This is a tricky thing. Some times we simply can't do this because the
      change from one version to the next literally is a fix to a bug in something
      that was saving that shouldn't or the format it was saving was not capable
      of handling the newer elements.

      Massive incompatabilities won't happen too often. But it is a good idea to
      upgrade in a staged manner.

      > 2. Is there some magic way we're supposed to move files forward?

      That staged manner:

      1. Export a character sheet of your characters.
      2. move your current copy of PCGen to a backup directory. Including copies
      of your characters.
      3. install the new copy as a fresh install. New app and new lst files.
      4. open your characters in the new PCGen. Compare them with their old
      copies. If there are differences you'll have to fix it by hand; but at least
      you'll have a reference and a backup to use to be sure you get it right.

      These problems don't occur with every release. But they do happen from time
      to time when something simply has to go from the application.

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