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Re: 2.2.2 Issues

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    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2001
      --- In pcgen@y..., "Erik K. Rutins" <erik@r...> wrote:
      > Gentlemen,
      > Just downloaded and tried 2.2.2 for a Monk/Psion that I frequently
      > There's been steady improvement in handling a variety of things
      > to this character, but I'm still seeing a few problems/feature
      > 1. The item Monk's Tattoos, from MoF, when "equipped" should allow
      > character to use the AC bonus, Unarmed Attack Damage and Base Move
      of a
      > monk 4 levels higher than the actual class level.

      Hmmm... not currently supported. Needs to be added to our FREQ list.

      > 2. I've got a PsiCrystal (Resolve). It should grant a +2 bonus to
      > Saves as long as it is anywhere near the Psion. I mark it as
      > and equipped but it gives no bonus on the character sheet.

      If you mark it as equipped it meet the criteria of being near you and
      should give you the bonus - so putting in the BONUS:CHECKS|Will|2 to
      that item is fine by me.

      > 3. Inertial armor still gives no bonus.

      I think I recall the arguments about the inertial armor - could you
      summarize it for me?

      We tend to only try to represent 'permanent' modifiers as opposed to
      'situational' modifiers, though we have recently discussed how to
      include situational modifiers for character sheet generation purposes.

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