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Re: Feat:tags added for Campaign.lst

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  • Caleb Chaplin
    ... of the ... the line ... however, try ... leave the ... there is no ... explaining ... operating the ... I believe that s the problem. Even with a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 11, 2001
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      --- In pcgen@egroups.com, "David Cortijo" <dcortijo@i...> wrote:
      > This is how I would do it:
      > 1) For PHB Feats, add CAMPAIGN:GreyHawk,ForgottenRealms to the end
      of the
      > line
      > 2) For FR only Feats, add CAMPAIGN:ForgottenRealms to the end of
      the line
      > That might cut off the duplicate Feats. Before you do that,
      however, try
      > this:
      > 1) Remove all FEAT: entries from campaign.lst.
      > 2) Add CAMPAIGN:ForgottenRealms to the end of the FR feats and
      leave the
      > standard PHB feats alone.
      > The PHB feats should load, by default, into every list provided
      there is no
      > FEAT: entry in the campaign.lst file. Then again, you may be
      > that this isn't how it worked - in which case the prog isn't
      operating the
      > way it was designed to.

      I believe that's the problem. Even with a CAMPAIGN:ForgottenRealms
      tag added, the feat will appear for selection when creating a
      GreyHawk character. The strange part is that if I specify even a
      single feat as CAMPAIGN:ForgottenRealms, that's the *only* feat that
      will appear for selection when making an FR character (no default
      feats will load - which appears to be the crux of the matter).

      Your other workaround suggests adding tags to all of the feats. For
      FR creation this works fine. However for greyhawk creation the fr
      feats are still being included for selection (as above - somehow
      greyhawk appears to be acting as some kind of over-riding default).

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