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  • mocha@mcs.net
    ... thinking (I ... the combat ... - wow ... monsters ... when they ... from a ... add one ... orcs into ... You could even create one Orc and save that as a
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2001
      --- In pcgen@y..., me <egroups@a...> wrote:
      > dave:
      > that monster gen idea sounds great, more than I was originally
      thinking (I
      > was only thinking of making the stripped-down version for use in
      the combat
      > tracker, and using the books for special abilities and all the rest
      - wow
      > this would be a ton more useful)
      > and looks like it would recycle a lot of the character gen code
      > the only thing I'd like to request on top of that is, when adding
      > to the combat tracker, would it be possible to add them normally
      when they
      > are open in the monster gen, but also have the option to add them
      from a
      > list straight from the 1st file, with standard stats and whatnot.
      > If the party is fighting a band of orcs I'd like to open an orc,
      add one
      > level of barbarian for the band leader, then shove five standard
      orcs into
      > the combat tracker

      You could even create one Orc and save that as a pcg file, and then
      import that once for each orc you wanted in combat. Add the level of
      barbarian for the chief, and you're done!

      > and, being able to have the skill points assign themselves to any
      > skills would be a bonus (in the above mentioned example, what if the
      > players back the orc band leader against a wall, does he have the
      > ability to escape? bluff to talk his way out? but I don't want to
      sit there
      > choosing his abilities mid-game) - this is just a
      > "cool-if-you-add-it-no-worries" feature, only put it in if it's
      > to do

      Hm, I don't try to assign skill points, but it actually wouldn't be
      hard to do. I'd simply have to think of some way to indicate how you
      wanted them assigned (give a weighting to specifically named skills,
      or a simple divide-evenly-among-class-skills approaches. This
      approach could also handle assigning feats. For now, though, I'll
      stick to telling you how many skill points and feats you have and let
      you assign them. The AI stuff will have to wait on the completion of
      other more fundamental stuff (like prestige-classes). It's a good
      thought for the back-burner! :)

      > Tony

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