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Re: Dave's FR files in last night's release

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    Egads, man! I think if we numbered things you d be at near 30 and that s about all I can absorb at once! ;) ... working pretty ... Gruumsh, ... a second ... -
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2001
      Egads, man! I think if we numbered things you'd be at near 30 and
      that's about all I can absorb at once! ;)

      --- In pcgen@egroups.com, "David Cortijo" <dcortijo@i...> wrote:
      > I was just looking over the release - everything seems to be
      working pretty
      > well with a couple of exceptions:
      > 1) The CAMPAIGN tags on the overlap deities (Corellon, Garl,
      > Moradin, Sehanine, and Yondalla) need to be put back in. There is
      a second
      > entry for each under the DEITY.LST file for the FR version of deity
      - the FR
      > versions have different domains available.

      Ah - now I get it. Ok, I'll leave 'em in next time.

      > 2) There should not be a "None" option for the Forgotten Realms
      > under DEITY: . That's one of the rules for the setting - you can't
      > spells if you don't have a deity.

      Ok - I wasn't sure if this was a simple over-sight.

      > Also, a new problem I noticed with the domain selection (War

      I'll definitely have to check that out! That's why I need you all
      to help me test - I'd never find all this stuff by myself!

      > Another problem I'm having is the racial restrictions on
      domains. First
      > of all, there's nothing in the rules that prevents you from taking
      a racial
      > domain that's not from your race - that would be a campaign-specific
      > restriction, and one would assume the DM would enforce it or not at
      > leisure

      Ok - I'd have to question the humanity of a human taking the
      Halfling domain (what, does he like hairy toes???) but I see
      your point.

      Second, the program isn't recognizing the subraces from FR as
      > their parent races (i.e. A Wood Elf cannot select the Elf domain,
      > his race is not "Elf") anyway.

      A note on Subraces - yeah I think I'll rename all the Races so it's
      Type (SubType) (e.g. Elf (Wood) or Elf (Big Eared)). Then for racial
      restrictions you could specify RACE:Elf (Wood) or RACE:Elf% to allow
      all Elves. I'd been thinking about this but hadn't had a need for
      it until sub-races started getting entered.

      > Also, if the race selection box could be a bit wider to accomodate
      > longer race names *mutters about halflings and the inevitable Gnome,
      > Svirfneblin option*, I think we'd all be a bit happier - same for
      the Deity
      > selection box.

      Hey - I know I want people to have lots of options, but those DON'T
      INCLUDE SVIRFNEBLIN! (spell that 3 times fast...) just kidding... ;)

      > I'm having problems reading a bunch of the list files to get any
      > significant work done - apparently the line breaks are all screwed
      > somewhere (the files all work file, they're just not really
      readable without
      > some work). Is this because of the comp being worked on?

      Bummer - yeah I did some of my work on a UNIX machine. The newlines
      get screwed up (why does Windows require a newline AND a carriage
      return feed character???? Unix is way better...)

      > A question/request - will SPELL.lst support class names with
      more than
      > one word in them (i.e. Hunter of the Dead)? If not, is there any
      way to
      > make the class part of the file comma-delimited (at least until the
      > system - which I don't quite understand - is put in place)? That
      > really long class names won't have a problem being added.

      Currently Hunter of the Dead would wreak havok with PCGen as a
      spellcaster. I actually typed in the spell.lst file a long time
      ago for a quick spell-reference program I wrote. Took a lot longer
      to type that file in than it did to write the program... anyway,
      the space delimiter is really inconsitent with everything else and
      problematic when you get to classnames with spaces in them. This
      also needs to be addressed (and yes, it would be addressed automati
      cally with the classspell.lst file, but that's besides the point).

      [lots of prestige class stuff snipped]
      I've found a couple of intriguing prestige classes at the Return
      to the Dungeon site. I've converted one (Knife Fighter) which
      works as is (except for some of the special AC and attack mods
      associated with Daggers). As you listed some quirks, I suspect
      that lots of classes will have quirks that are hard to code (they
      may be easy to code, but since it affects only 1 class and the
      player can ultimately look it up anyway, it hardly seems worth
      the effort). My first concern is to get it so the restrictions
      work so you can only add the class like the rules state. Beyond
      that I'm content to lump the quirks into the Special Abilities
      until I get around to coding them. Lots of other stuff to complete
      before then...

      > It looks similar to the "M" progression table, but starts at +1
      instead of
      > +0. We might need a new Base Attack designator for classes like

      Yeah - a Bonus to Base Attack beyond the normal progression would
      be a good add and seem to address problems like this.

      > Oh, one more thing - can we set up classes with a MAXLEVEL flag
      - many
      > of the prestige classes in FR have a ceiling of five levels, and no
      > class has more than 10 (of those released - it's not a rule, or

      Technically you can't have more than 20 levels. A flag like you
      suggest is a good idea, although I'd want it to be readily editable
      since these level caps might not appeal to everyone.

      > I'll announce to the group when the new deity.lst file is posted
      (I'll also
      > see what I can do about fixing the alignment restrictions of the
      > deities while I'm at this...).


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