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Re: CAMPAIGN documentation

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    ... Converted ... before ... only ... are not ... how to put ... has some ... things ... magazine that ... entries ... Yeah - I d like to eventually be able to
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 9, 2001
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      > Subject: [pcgen] Re: CAMPAIGN documentation
      > > As people convert them they can put the files they modified in a
      > Classes folder. I'll check them out there and make >sure they work
      > folding them into my releases. How does that sound? Anyone feel up to
      > converting Dragon prestige >classes?
      > I had originally volunteered to convert those prestige classes. The
      > problem is, many of the special abilities that the classes provide
      are not
      > really supported on the code-side (or if they are, I have no idea
      how to put
      > it into a class.lst file). In fact, just about every one of them
      has some
      > sort of quirk that isn't supported - I can run off a quick list of
      > that really should be supported codeside (including the Dragon
      magazine that
      > supplied the prestige class) and are holding up the creation of LST
      > for the classes (now that other things are really moving too)

      Yeah - I'd like to eventually be able to support all prestige classes.
      As more classes come out, so will more quirks, and every one of them
      will require code changes. No rest for the weary! ;)

      [stuff snipped]
      > suggestions:
      > A Barbarian with a 20 Strength (i.e. not weighted down) wearing
      > Breastplate (Medium Armor) has a move of 40. This is incorrect -
      his speed
      > should be reduced to 20 (like everyone else) and then get +10 to his
      > (for a total speed of 30).

      Ah - you are correct. That will be added to my list.

      > I was trying to add skills using the "Max Rank" button - it
      took the
      > correct number of skill points away during purchase, but only
      granted me one
      > rank each time....

      Hm, I thought I had that working. I must have just broken that with
      my campaign changes (which were pretty invasive).

      > The Loremaster is supposed to be able to choose what
      > class her "+1 caster level" ability applies to at each level -
      > the program forces a choice at Lor 1 and does not allow any change.

      Really? I wondered about that - the wording seemed a bit vague.
      This can be done, so I'll add it to my list.

      > The Expert class should, preferably, make you pick the
      > skills before the ANY skills - that way, you don't accidently pick a
      > non-exclusive skill with an ANY slot and kick yourself for it later.

      Yeah - it needs to be more clear that only your first two picks can
      be among exclusive skills.

      > The deity.lst file has a BIG problem - currently, it only
      allows you
      > to pick deities that match your alignment exactly. According to 3E
      > you can pick a deity that varies one step from your own. So, while
      > is a CG deity, his followers can be CG, CN, or NG. The current
      > file is far too restrictive and, no offense, incorrect. I would be
      > to submit a correction, but I don't have the LGG to do so.

      This would simply require a change to the deity.lst file and wouldn't
      require a code change. That makes sense because otherwise it sure
      seemed like clerics were really restricted on what deity they could

      > Along the same lines, I don't know if it is the domains that
      > have race restrictions, per se, but the deities themselves. At the same
      > time, half-breeds (half-elves and half-orcs) are able to worship the
      > deities of their non-human parentage (that's my understanding of the
      > statement "Elves, half-elves, and bards worship him" (under his
      > page 90 of the PHB)). That would - in theory at least - give them
      access to
      > the "racial" domains - nothing

      PCGen allows for racial restrictions at both the deity and domain
      level. I think the racial domains (Halfling, Elven, etc.) could
      have the racial restriction removed. If there are deity restrictions,
      it could specify RACE:Elf,Half-Elf in the deity.lst file.

      > To whomever is doing the FR domain/deity lists: the latest
      PDF file
      > actually makes it possible to get the domains for all the FR deities
      > (including the evil ones). Since each domain lists the deities who
      > it, you can just look up domain by domain to extrapolate the list
      (it may
      > take a bit of legwork, but it saves you waiting five more months for the
      > book's release).
      > Rename the "Default" spellbook to "Known Spells." Makes it's
      > function - and the purpose for it's existence - much clearer.

      Heh - you're right. That makes a lot more sense!

      Also, if
      > you're going to make the the CSHEET print spell lists, will it still
      > for classes like the cleric (who have all the spells in their
      default books
      > automatically and the prog won't let them add to the Default book)?
      If not,
      > the feature request below (#1) should make it easier to add spells
      to the
      > list.

      You can specify printing out the Default spellbook using the SPELLMEM
      tag by giving it a booknumber of -1. This way you can print out all
      the spells the spellcaster knows.

      > A couple of cool (in my opinion) feature requests:
      > 1) The ability to select multiple spells in the left hand side
      of the
      > Spells tab before clicking the arrow to add to your spellbook.

      Makes sense and an easy add.

      > 2) A checkbox that stops you from getting charged for items.
      Saves me
      > having to type in more money 50 times.

      Should I add a "Shoplifter" checkbox? ;) Another good suggestion.

      > 3) A "random character" button on the Main tab - randomly selects
      > race/class/alignment, generates ability scores, possibly equipment and
      > spellbooks too - I realize that's probably gonna be a biggie, especially
      > with multi-class character-types, but it's an idea once the rest of the
      > program is working and stable and the campaigns out there are added in.

      Heh - that would be a biggie! It doesn't seem like I'll ever finish
      everything I want PCGen to do, so this feature may be a long time
      in coming! But it would be nice!

      > I think that's it for now - as long as this email is...

      At least you kept it under 30! That seems to be the bar by which
      all of us are judged. (Right, John?) ;)


      > Dave
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