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[pcgen] Leveling bug

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  • Greg Bezoff
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 7, 2001
      <Hey - great program and many thanks!

      I've been using PCGen to 'try out' a few character options, and I've
      noticed a bug that occurs when you bump up a class and then bump it
      back down. Two things don't work right:
      1. Class skills all are set to cross-class
      2. Exp. doesn't subtract right.

      I've uploaded a character file showing this - it is bug.pcg with the
      note levelbug.

      What I did: made a 2nd level druid and then dropped the druid back to
      level 1.

      many thanks again for those that work on this program.>

      As I am sure somebody else will point out, removing levels from characters
      is not yet officially supported by PCGen, and causes all sorts of problems.
      The undead continue to impatiently tap their feet.

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