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Re: PCGen Freezing, hidden dialogue popup windows

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  • thegrayronin
    As you read through the following, know that in each instance I have tried this with every 6.x version of the software I could find to download in an effort to
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 24, 2013
      As you read through the following, know that in each instance I have tried this with every 6.x version of the software I could find to download in an effort to be as systematic as possible, with the exception of the newly released 6.00.1 which I just noticed this morning. I will give that a go next week when I have internet access. Also, this is a small book, so brace yourself...

      Java version 1.7, and I tried finding an older version to run on but didn't have much luck there.

      For instances where I have used the windows installer, I let it install to whatever directory it wanted to, which is :
      I have also tried using the full zip file as well, and into Downloads, Documents, both Program Files folders (standard and x86).
      As to the settings directory, I have tried both the Default and the PCGenFolder options.

      I've given admin rights to the program to run, and am working on the admin profile for the computer. I looked around for any other settings that might restrict its ability to interact with the computer, but couldn't find anything suspect, though I will readily admit that Win8 settings are still taking some getting used to; I will say that I have used Google to the best of my ability to find anything that might indicated extra read/write permissions. I've also tried running it in Windows Compatibility mode for all the versions of windows it allows (XP SP3, Vista SP2, Win7) and got nowhere.

      I have tried selecting sources through the first screen that pops up, as well as x-ing that window out and selecting sources through the Menu to see if that helped. It didn't.

      I'm using the exe, and tried giving the program a full range of processing priority.

      I didn't know about F10, but I gave it a go and it did seem to provide some potential clues.
      Version 60105 - I let it open, cancel the new Source menu, and hit F10 to find two lines in the log indicating programi initialization. I then load sources from the menu (NOTEing that there is a yellow warning triangle in the bottom right corner of the window rather than the desired green check mark)to find a list of arguments surrounding the following
      -PREAPPLY on BONUS in BonusLst:67
      -DEFINE:LOCK in DefineLst:117
      -CHOOSE:USERINPUT in UserInputToken:66
      When I attempt to create a new character (either by hitting the NEW button, typing Ctrl+N, or by going to File>New, the program starts to slow until it becomes noninteractable (I can still move the window around, resize it, minimize, maximaze). F10 reveals no bugs or errors, just a new entry indicating a new character was being made. I did note that I could interact with the program for about 10-15 seconds before it became unresponsive.

      When I opened Version 6000 and avoided the new source screen and hit F10, there were no arguments; just a couple lines indicating program initialization had occurred. When I loaded the sources from the menu, they completed without error, giving me the desired green checkbox, at which point a couple unusual things happen.
      ...The sources load, and everything appears fine for a moment. But then the PCGen window starts flickering for about 30 seconds, as though another dialogue window is being opened and then closed. If during this time frame I click on the window of a different program (say, Chrome) while this process is taking place, the PCGen window will pop back and forth being the selected window and being an unselected window - again, as though dialogue windows for PCGen are opening and forcing it forward over whatever else the user is doing before finally (after ~30 seconds have passed) it resolves whatever issue it is having and falls back to being the unselected window.

      ...once it appeared to resolve its attention tantrum, I noted that the Game Mode was still showing "none selected", and Source Materials was still "None". Also, the PCGen window appeared to not be the selected window even when I had the program selected, as though there was a hidden dialogue box. The window could not be moved, re-sized, max/min'd. However, when I hit Enter the window closed to reveal another PCGen window in exactly the same position/size which displayed the selected Game Mode and Source Materials. F10 reveals no errors. Attempting to load sources results in freezing/non-responsiveness.

      Now, the thing that made the program work...
      ...I extracted the zip the Program Files(x86). I'd previously been letting it extract to the Downloads, Documents, or User folders. I figured that if it Needed to be in the Program Files then it would have put itself there. Presumptuous of me, I know.

      When I'd been using the Installers, I was letting it install to the default directory, which for me is:
      For the settings, I'd tried letting it go to the Default and PCGen Dir locations.

      So, thank you for drawing my attention back to the install directory. I have 6, and 60105 installed and appearing to work successfully from Programs Files (x86). I hope this helps. Let me know if you want me to try anything else for the sake of troubleshooting.

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:
      > Hi thegrayronin,
      > ALT-TAB unfortunately won't work, since the pop ups are part of the program and not given an
      > separate instance. I do find it disturbing the pop dialog (Asking whatever) is hiding behind the
      > main program.
      > You mentioned Win 8, haven't had too many users on that. But let's see if we can narrow down the
      > list of suspects.
      > JAVA Version is 1.6 or 1.7? (Win 8 I would hope so by default)
      > Install Location (anywhere other _than_ Users folder and Program Files folder)? - Windows has odd
      > permission schemes regarding these locations.
      > PCGen has permission to run? (No restrictive policies limiting it's ability to read/write)
      > Allocated Memory high enough? (If you're still using a BAT file instead of the EXE file)
      > Finally, any indications of an error? (Does F10 bring up the log? or grab the pcgen.log in the
      > program install location)
      > Cheers,
      > On 8/21/2013 10:14 PM, thegrayronin wrote:
      > > I recently made the jump to Win8 and have had a bit of trouble with PCGen.
      > >
      > > The first issue is that the program freezes (refuses to respond to any attempted interactions at all) after opening about 70% of the time. On the occasions when it doesn't freeze, it generally becomes impossible to functionally interact with; by that I mean that I can resize the window, I can use the minimize and maximize buttons, and I can click the close button but if I try to click on any links, buttons, tabs, or menus the program fails to respond.
      > >
      > > The second major issue I am facing stems from any attempts to close the program after it has frozen/become non-responsive. When I click the "X" close button, I can tell that at least one window pops up. However, before any details beyond general size can be discerned the new window immediately hides behind the main PCGen window. I have tried Alt+Tab'ing to the new window to no avail. I don't even know what the title bar of the window says so I can't really give any other details. The only way I've managed to get around this issue without force-closing the program is by hitting "Enter" after the window pops ups, at which point it appears to close and a second window opens behind the main PCGen window; hit "Enter" again, and PCGen closes. Again, I can't see any details beyond general window size before the second dialogue box disappears.
      > >
      > >
      > > If I am missing something, let me know. But I browsed through the issues on JIRA and the messages on here, and didn't see anything that seemed to indicate an issue like this. So I thought I would post this. I have tried this with all versions beyond 6.00.0, including alpha builds. Version 5164 works just fine, though. Let me know if you need more details.
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