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Re: [pcgen] Why not make the "PRD"?

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  • Jon Catron
    Dunno if this is still an open topic of discussion, but I think it s a good idea. :) ________________________________ From: Andrew To:
    Message 1 of 20 , Aug 24, 2013
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      Dunno if this is still an open topic of discussion, but I think it's a good idea. :)

      From: Andrew <drew0500@...>
      To: pcgen@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, August 23, 2013 5:19 AM
      Subject: Re: [pcgen] Why not make the "PRD"?

      UE (Alpha) and Bestiary 3 (Alpha) it's not in the Release, they aren't ready for prime time, ergo it
      doesn't get to count as any errors those produce will skew any real analysis and statistics. ;)

      Yes, consolidating the files into one set would remove our errors with duplicates issues. Reduce
      overhead, and it would decrease memory usage, contrary to the belief otherwise. Removing .MODs, and
      duplicate items, and reusing the abilities between companions and their 'real' counterparts. It'd
      also force a standards of file naming. I don't think we need 10 race files, 8 ability files, etc.
      Sort by class, race and other for the abilities - after all, most of them are race related, class
      related or a misc item - afflictions, item powers, etc.

      I looked at the core book PDF, and it appears someone just decided to add in the scrolls and wands.
      Since the normal policy is just to place in the set what is in the book.

      Anyways, I'm gathering a lot of people are in the positive for this idea.

      On 8/22/2013 3:51 PM, Matthew Thompson wrote:
      > Honestly,
      > We're already having load problems just loading the core books anyway. If I take 6.01.05 and load the following :
      > Core
      > APG
      > ARG
      > Bestiary
      > Bestiary II
      > Bestiary III (Beta)
      > UC
      > UM
      > UE (Beta)
      > The program takes several minutes to load, and after making one or two characters it starts hanging on every thing it does, taking a minute or two to add a feat, to add a class level, etc. Just adding 8 class levels on a brand new character, just loaded dataset takes about 5 minutes.
      > The Con below is a con if you were only going to load the Core, but, if that's all you wanted, you could just load the core and be done. If we consolidated the PRD material into one file, we could eliminate duplications between files (saving some memory).
      > One other thing to consider would be to *not* load the core wands and scrolls. Those all take up memory, and the application (as I just learned this week) can create those on the fly rather easily. By not loading them seperately, that would also save memory at the cost of making it slightly more time consuming to create a character. However, we're not currently creating those scrolls/wands in expansion books (UC, UM, ARG for example) so I think that might be ok, as it would at least be consistent, rather than having the core and APG spells having wands/scrolls and the UC/UM/ARG not.
      > And I don't think it would be all that hard (granted, newbie here) to create a PRD file, as it would basically be copying finalized LST entries from the expansion LST files into the PRD files.
      > Matt
      > ________________________________
      > From: Anestis Kozakis <kenosti@...>
      > To: pcgen@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 5:18 PM
      > Subject: Re: [pcgen] Why not make the "PRD"?
      > It;s a good idea in theory, and I like it.
      > Pro: You load everything.
      > Con: Increased memory usage, processing and loading times.
      > Anestis.
      > On 23 August 2013 08:02, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:
      >> Just to clarify:
      >> Each book added into the PRD would go through the normal 'single book
      >> creation/review' process as
      >> things stand now and when they've completed the full process from 'request
      >> to release' we'd still
      >> have the book set. But as long as the book is part of the Paizo's
      >> Pathfinder PRD, then they'd be
      >> added into the pcgen PRD data set to match.
      >> If it's not on the official Paizo PRD website, then it won't be included
      >> in the PCGen PRD.
      >> On 8/22/2013 2:57 PM, Andrew wrote:
      >>> Hi Folks,
      >>> With the increasing workload of making sets work together, and the
      >> increased "onus" to further
      >>> support in each additional book (not to mention the back support). I
      >> would like to put forth a
      >>> radical idea which is well within precedent. The Paizo Pathfinder system
      >> has an OFFICIAL website,
      >>> maintained and run by the publisher and includes *ALL* their OGL
      >> materials in plain view. We already
      >>> have an open permission to included everything Pathfinder from them.
      >>> So, we make a PRD set. Everything lumped in, no duplicate issues cause
      >> you are always loading
      >>> everything available. You only update items if something comes along and
      >> changes the wording.
      >>> A Basic Loader for the entire PRD is nice, and then support requests
      >> will drop. Fixing issues
      >>> becomes simple since everything is condensed into one location. It won't
      >> be Books x, y and z any
      >>> more, but just the PRD.
      >>> (We can still leave the separate books, cause I know people don't always
      >> embrace change) But I think
      >>> this would be a positive step forward in supporting the community.
      >> Adding in additional materials
      >>> would still go through the NFD process, and require chimp oversight. But
      >> ANYONE can submit items to
      >>> be included in this manner.
      >>> Thoughts?
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