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Re: [pcgen] HITDICE

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  • Andrew
    Hi, Sounds like we need to update docs, it s been years since we ve used HITDICE as part of a race. We split that out into two tags MONSTERCLASS:x:y , (Yes,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25 7:16 AM

      Sounds like we need to update docs, it's been years since we've used HITDICE as part of a race. We
      split that out into two tags 'MONSTERCLASS:x:y', (Yes, one of the few tags where you'll see two
      colons), and 'HITDICEADVANCEMENT' for the second.

      For instance, an Animal might have "2" hit dice, this would be written out MONSTERCLASS:Animal:2 -
      you'll see there is a class file that has a class for the various monster race types.

      To limit the max "HD" you use a tag called 'HITDICEADVANCEMENT' this can determine growth, and max
      HD allowed for the creature.

      If I can ask, if you're going to start asking how to code up things, to move that to our home brew
      support group - LIST FILE HELP (Link is in the footer).


      On 7/25/2013 6:57 AM, sirlevaris wrote:
      > I'm coding in a few of the WOTC books and one problem I'm having is the
      > HITDICE token for races. The help file shows that this token is used in
      > Lesson #3: .lst - Races (Part 1), but I get the following error when the
      > pcc loads:
      > LSTERROR Thread-9 pcgen.persistence.lst.GenericLoader parseLine Illegal
      > Token 'HITDICE' '3,10' for pcgen.core.Race
      > Any help would be appreciated.
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