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Re: [pcgen] Problem with prehensile hair?

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  • Haymar Dur Taur
    Hi It s actually the BAB+STR (and the DEX-STR in the weapon finesse section) of the natural attack that is giving me doubts. The entry for the power from the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 12, 2013
      It's actually the BAB+STR (and the DEX-STR in the weapon finesse
      section) of the natural attack that is giving me doubts.
      The entry for the power from the SRD says:

      /Prehensile Hair (Su)/: The witch can instantly cause her hair (or even
      her eyebrows) to grow up to 10 feet long or to shrink to its normal
      length, and can manipulate her hair as if it were a limb with a Strength
      score equal to her Intelligence score. Her hair has reach 10 feet, and
      she can use it as a secondary natural attack that deals 1d3 points of
      damage (1d2 for a Small witch).

      So, i'd think that the hair use the INT score as strength for both
      damage and attack.

      What do you think?

      Thanks again


      Il 12/07/2013 09:30, Andrew ha scritto:
      > So, the INT bonus is used for Damage; it deals 1d3 damage and has a reach of 10 feet. The Strength
      > Score is using the Intelligence Score in the description.
      > I'm at a loss as to what the issue might be, as that all appears to be correct.
      > Now the natural attack that displays:
      > Hair KEY:Hair ~ WitchHex TYPE:NaturalAttack CATEGORY:Natural Attack
      > DEFINE:NaturalHairReach|WitchWhiteHairedHairRange DEFINE:HairAttackBonus|BAB+STR
      > DEFINE:HairThreatRange|0 AUTO:WEAPONPROF|Hair BONUS:VAR|HairAttackBonus|1|PREFEAT:1,Weapon Focus
      > (Hair) BONUS:VAR|HairAttackBonus|DEX-STR|PREFEAT:1,Weapon Finesse BONUS:VAR|HairThreatRange|20
      > BONUS:VAR|HairThreatRange|-1|PREFEAT:1,Improved Critical (Hair) ASPECT:NaturalAttackName|Hair
      > ASPECT:NaturalAttackToHit|+%1|HairAttackBonus
      > ASPECT:NaturalAttackDamage|%1d%2+%3|HairDamageDice|HairDamageSize|HairDamageBonus
      > ASPECT:NaturalAttackReach|%1 ft.|NaturalHairReach ASPECT:NaturalAttackType|Lethal
      > ASPECT:NaturalAttackThreatRange|%1|HairThreatRange
      > The BAB+STR for the Attack bonus is perhaps the only thing off, but not knowing the ability, I'm not
      > exactly sure. I could change that to BAB+INT but I want to be sure it's correct before I go and
      > change that. Do you have the full text available? (At work so looking anything up takes three times
      > as long for me)
      > On 7/12/2013 12:17 AM, Andrew wrote:
      >> Hi Ernesto,
      >> Yes, this is one of the valid locations to raise issues. However, if you want to truly catch the eye
      >> of a monkey, the JIRA.PCGEN.ORG is always best.
      >> I'll look into the issue.
      >> On 7/11/2013 10:25 PM, Haymar Dur Taur wrote:
      >>> Hi, is this the right place to post what looks like a problem with the
      >>> witch prehensile hair special ability for pathfinder?
      >>> The hex description says that the hair strenght is pased on the witch
      >>> INT bonus, but the power definitions in the pfum_abilities_class list
      >>> file are still for the most part based on the STR bonus.
      >>> Thanks for everything you're doing
      >>> Ernesto

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