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Re: [pcgen] Magical Tails Feat for Advanced Race Guide

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  • Andrew
    Double group posting... As I answered on the other group: It s in license review, I liked your cleaner version better and thus pushed it up. So, two fixes in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2013
      Double group posting... As I answered on the other group:

      It's in license review, I liked your cleaner version better and thus pushed it up.

      So, two fixes in one evening, I hear someone wanting to join the data team ;)


      On 7/7/2013 9:01 PM, Phoex wrote:
      > I'm not sure what kind of progress has been made on the Advanced Race
      > Guide and the feats in particular, but a game I'm running has run into
      > needing the Magical Tails Feat from ARG and thus I spent some time coding
      > it up. It is as follows
      > (In feats.lst)
      > Magical
      > Tails TYPE:General PRERACE:1,RACESUBTYPE=Kitsune PREVARLT:KitsuneTails,8 DEFINE:KitsuneTails|0 DESC:You
      > grow an extra tail that represents your growing magical
      > Ability|AUTOMATIC|Magical Tail ~
      > Kitsune BONUS:VAR|KitsuneTails|1 BENEFIT:You gain a new spell-like
      > ability, each usable twice per day, from the following list, in order:
      > Disguise Self, Charm Person, Misdirection, Invisibility, Suggestion,
      > Displacement, Confusion, Dominate Person. For example, the first time you
      > select this feat, you gain disguise self 2/day; the second time you select
      > this feat, you gain charm person 2/day. Your caster level for these spells
      > is equal to your Hit Dice. The DCs for these abilities are Charisma-based.
      > Special: You may select this feat up to eight times. Each time you take
      > it, you gain an additional ability as described above.
      > (In abilities.lst)
      > Magical Tail KEY:Magical Tail ~ Kitsune CATEGORY:Special
      > Ability TYPE:General SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Disguise
      > Self,11+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,1 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Charm
      > Person,11+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,2 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Misdirection,12+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,3 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Invisibility,12+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,4 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Suggestion,13+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,5 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Displacement,13+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,6 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Confusion,14+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,7 SPELLS:Innate|TIMES=2|CASTERLEVEL=TL|Dominate
      > Person,15+CHA|PREVARGTEQ:KitsuneTails,8
      > ------------------------------------
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