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Re: Upgrading datasets is a major pain

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  • rogerwllco
    ... I m not using the core files. I only ever load them if I need to verify that a problem I m having also manifests itself in the standard install. What I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2013
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      From a discussion I was having with Andrew in the LST forum, I want to add something to this:

      > If you ask nicely, I'll even implement it in our core files. ;)

      I'm not using the core files. I only ever load them if I need to verify that a problem I'm having also manifests itself in the standard install.

      What I'm saying, is that doing a lot of work in the OGL files doesn't really help me. Making it easier to code it in the CMP and homebrew is what makes a difference for me.

      The rest of my group have all stopped using PCGen because the CMP files just don't work with the newer versions and coding stuff into the LST files is beyond their capabilities. They're all using spreadsheets. Most of us used PCGen back when CMP was still allowed to sell the datasets.

      It's not directly related to the problem we're discussing here, but WotC has been successful in basically killing the ability for PCGen to support most of DnD 3.5 when they ended the contract with CMP.

      I would like to ask how the PCGen project sees itself.
      - As mainly supporting the OGL and other licenced datasets that come with the program, like Pathfinder.
      - As also supporting homebrew (and non-OGL data).

      For maintaining the datasets that come with the program, only Andrew and his troupe feel the pain but the effort can be shared, there is a close tie to the development and potentially a large audience that might use the results.

      For someone on their own maintaining a large homebrew or non-OGL dataset and only following the stable releases, this is much less so. If you want to support people like that, including me, making it easier to update/convert and to edit/create datasets would really help.


      Adriaan Renting/RogerWilco

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "rogerwllco" wrote:
      > I've just converted all my datasets from 5.14 to 5.16. I think it's takes somewhere between 60-80 hours.
      > I'm now starting the conversion from 5.16 to 6.00.0, by the amount of errors and warnings I get, just trying to convert the core books, I anticipate a similar time investment will be needed.
      > This makes it really hard to use newer versions of PCGen and the main reason I stayed on 5.14 for such a long time.
      > I'm a professional programmer and editing LST files is relatively easy for me. Even I gave up my initial attempt and had almost resigned myself to going back to making my character sheets with pen and paper.
      > PCGen is a very nice program, but it's things like this that make it very hard to use. Please consider for 6.1 and beyond, if there is a way that makes it much easier to actually upgrade to the newer version, if you're not using the OGL content that comes with the program.
      > This must be an issue for the data monkeys in the team that maintain those OGL datasets as well. The data directory that comes with PCGen is about 2.5x bigger than then CMP and homebrew datasets I converted myself.
      > I know there is a lot of legacy and that you're also a volunteer project with limited resources. I still hope that with feedback like this, PCGen at some point becomes usable to the point where I can spend my time contributing to the project, instead of just trying to keep up with it.
      > See also my specific post with feedback on how to improve the batch-converter.
      > cheers,
      > Adriaan Renting/RogerWilco
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