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PCGen v6.00.0 Released!

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  • David R. Bender
    PCGen v6.00.0 Released! Welcome to PCGen v6.00.0, the latest stable release of PCGen. In this release we have introduced a new user interface and made
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2012
      PCGen v6.00.0 Released!

      Welcome to PCGen v6.00.0, the latest stable release of PCGen. In this
      release we have introduced a new user interface and made substantial
      changes under the hood including hundreds of new features. The
      highlights of the changes for PCGen 6.0 are listed below:

      Major Changes
      New user interface
      -- A faster, more responsive GUI, particularly when using multiple
      -- A redesigned interface intended to be friendlier and more informative
      -- Support for Java 7 and Open JDK
      -- Faster startup time
      Improved performance
      Install to non admin location on Windows
      Full spell descriptions in RSRD and Pathfinder
      Command line PDF generation

      LST Changes:
      Choice tags revamped and rigorously parsed
      Choice tags now only provide a choice - a separate tag (e.g. BONUS) is
      used to apply the choice
      All shipped data has been run through the LST converter to bring it up
      to 6.0 standards

      New User Interface
      A major feature of PCGen 6.0 is the new user interface. While the
      general layout of the program will still be familiar we've made lots of
      enhancements along the way such as:
      More information on the summary page for a quick view of the character
      Easier access to new character tasks such as choosing an ability score
      Active 'things to do' list - click on a task and you'll be taken to the
      screen and field.
      Start your character with class first - alignment is back to an after
      Toggle quick filtering buttons (e.g. Qualified) to quickly focus on
      relevant items
      A location based equipping display supporting drag and drop.
      Thumbnail selection from your character portrait.
      A campaign history tracker
      Improved command line use, including PDF generation.
      Improved printing including an in-program print preview.
      Easier exporting, including auto open your generated file.
      An easier to use Temporary Bonuses system

      The new user interface does not currently provide random NPC generation
      or LST editor functionality. These are earmarked for implementation in
      the future though.

      PCGen is an RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20
      systems). All datafiles are ASCII text files so they can be modified by
      users for their own campaigns.

      For more information about PCGen, join us at our Yahoo group:

      or visit our website:

      or our wiki:

      Download your free copy:

      You can see all of the changes included in this release by checking out
      the release notes:

      Trackers (JIRA) bugs:

      -- david

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