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Re: [pcgen] Unequipped Shield Still Adds to AC

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  • Andrew
    Hi, Please open a tracker, I m not sure if Bug or Freq at this point. Either way, James can decide upon it. I saw a flood of code trackers come through, so
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 23, 2012

      Please open a tracker, I'm not sure if Bug or Freq at this point. Either way, James can decide upon it.

      I saw a flood of code trackers come through, so maybe holding off the release for a week was a good
      idea. :)

      On 10/23/2012 8:07 AM, Eric C Smith wrote:
      > Hi Folks!
      > Andrew Wilson wrote:
      >> As you sure you don't have the treat carried items as equipped option
      >> turned on?
      > Irrelevant in this case as the shield has not been added to the character in ANY slot. It was unequipped from the Shield slot and left in the right pane of the Equipment sub-tab.
      > As daft_inquisitor inquired, I have two equipment sets, one with the shield and one without.
      > As Drew states, it seems to be a matter of PCGen not applying the active equipment set. After a quick test, the Default Equipment Set is applied with no other sets being honored. I checked on both the d20 Fantasy Standard and the d20 Fantasy Compact sheets with the same results.
      > Maredudd
      >> On 23 October 2012 04:51, Eric C Smith <maredudd@...> wrote:
      >>> Hi Folks!
      >>> Running 5.17.20, PF Core Rulebook, APG, Bestiary loaded.
      >>> 1st Lvl Halfling, Bard, longsword, chain shirt, and light shield equipped
      >>> -> AC:19 (+1 size, +3 stat, +4 chain shirt, +1 lgt shield)
      >>> Same character with longsword & chain shirt equipped, shield not equipped
      >>> (i.e. removed from character) -> AC:19 (same bonuses as above)
      >>> Maredudd
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