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Re: [pcgen] gmgen use case

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  • Andrew
    Hello, I d recommend submitting a JIRA ticket over on our site - jira.pcgen.org - for what you want. This allows the coders to ask clarifying questions from
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2012
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      I'd recommend submitting a JIRA ticket over on our site - jira.pcgen.org - for what you want. This
      allows the coders to ask clarifying questions from you, and let's you see it's progress.

      On 7/18/2012 9:41 PM, Syneran wrote:
      > Hello you wonderful creators of PCGen,
      > I just love using PCGen. I've spent countless hours making .lst files, and overall this app is extremely flexible. Kudos.
      > When I DM, I use GMGen a lot (mostly because it responds so quickly). I started messing (I would normally say monkeying around...but I think that connotes something special in PCGen circles, yes?) with the server-client aspect of GMGen. It's pretty great, and I can see how it would facilitate long-distance gaming.
      > With the prevalence and affordability of tablets as they are, I was hoping GMGen would have a feature that it did not. Therefore, I would like to propose it as a use-case scenario (even though I don't know if GMGen is still under development).
      > I would love it if I could get together with my players, I (the DM) with my laptop and they with their tablet PCs (I think it makes the most sense for the client to run on a tablet -- but if it can be made to run universally -- like on laptops, desktops, what have you, then that would be even better). My DM laptop contains all data for PCGen (their character files, and customized lst files, etc.) The player's tablet PCs run the light-weight GMGen client without having to start the process-heavy PCGen. The player's tablet pc clients connect (most likely wirelessly) and download their character sheets from the GMGen server running on the DM laptop. When there are changes to the character sheet, those changes get pushed out to the clients. The DM makes all changes to the character files and the players have no control over changes, however, they can still use all the nifty tools provided by GMGen (the various die rolling dialogues,
      > etc.).
      > I rather imagine such a use-case is asking a lot. It would, however, go a long way toward reducing the many pages I print out for each character, sometimes multiple times per level, as they advance. It would also be great to go completely paperless. Further, the paper copies have a tendency to become outdated. So, every time we play, we tend to eat up a fair portion of the session comparing the paper version to the electronic version for accuracy. Pushing the electronic version of the character out to clients would solve that problem.
      > I hope you see the value in this use-case. I know that in my case, were GMGen to have this feature we'd have about 20-30% time each to session to play, rather than take care of administrative issues related to character sheet maintenance.
      > Thanks for any consideration you may give to this idea!
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