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Non-Quorum PCGen BoD Meeting 5.25.2012

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  • Andrew
    Hi, [19:03] Welcome to our make up session Board of Directors meeting - Local time 1900 hours (GMT-0700) [19:04] on 5.25.12
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      [19:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> Welcome to our make up session Board of Directors meeting - Local time 1900
      hours (GMT-0700)
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> on 5.25.12
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> Our Agenda is:
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> 1. Team reports
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> 2. Java 7
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> 3. Prod Release
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> 4. Other ebusiness
      [19:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> James, I'll have your report last so you can segway into the other 2 items
      [19:05] <James[Code_SB]> Sure
      [19:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> I'll handle Content and Admin. David you able to handle PR?
      [19:05] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> sure
      [19:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, I'll start -
      [19:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> Admin Report:
      [19:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> No actionable items - Web, Tracker and Release all good.
      [19:06] *** RazMatic has joined #pcgen
      [19:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Content Report:
      [19:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Actionable items:
      [19:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Data - Reviewing two data sets, should have them in before we go beta.
      [19:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> OS - Making a second sheet only for the condensed spells, and then fixing
      up a full condensed version keeping the majority of items to the Bio Page.
      [19:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Docs - No movement here
      [19:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> I have a few items that are outside the scope of the report, but pertain to
      the UI. I'll enter them in at the appropriate time. Questions for Admin or Content?
      [19:07] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> No
      [19:07] <[Arch_SB]thpr> nope
      [19:08] <@[Chair]Andrew> Papa - PR report please (Hands talking stick to Papa)
      [19:08] <James[Code_SB]> Bit of a cross-over - you were looking at the comanion display sheet Andrew
      - is that wrapped up now?
      [19:09] <@[Chair]Andrew> Answer - I addressed the companion sheet. No feedback from anyone yet. I
      did up the font, so when you get a chance let me know if it works or what you need if not.
      [19:09] <James[Code_SB]> Thanks, will do
      [19:09] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> PR has received permission to include the "evil AP for Pathfinder" (forgot
      the name) as full permission and as the modules come out. The 1st three are out now.
      [19:10] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> PR has asked Jon Brazer Enterprises for permission to add their material.
      No response yet. (I really want to do the Shadowfall stuff!!!)
      [19:10] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> that is all
      [19:10] <@[Chair]Andrew> Thanks Papa
      [19:10] <@[Chair]Andrew> Tom, Arch report please. (Hands talking stick to Tom)
      [19:11] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Quiet on the arch front.
      [19:11] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Focus of my time on Abilities, specifically the "new" choose application
      method (used in Templates right now)
      [19:12] <[Arch_SB]thpr> It has a quirk I'm trying to get it to display, so I can tell if it's truly
      a bug or an unreachable problem. Andrew's tests showed ok, but I'm still working at it
      [19:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> Which test?
      [19:12] <[Arch_SB]thpr> That is the gate before I convert more stuff over to that new application
      [19:12] <[Arch_SB]thpr> The CHOOSE:TEMPLATE one you did a bit ago
      [19:13] <@[Chair]Andrew> Do you need anything from me (My free time is up currently till Father's day)
      [19:13] <@[Chair]Andrew> ?
      [19:13] <[Arch_SB]thpr> no
      [19:13] <@[Chair]Andrew> okay.
      [19:13] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ...(and using the new application system for choices then - I think - allows
      me to pull the last few threads that require Abilities to be cloned)...
      [19:14] <James[Code_SB]> Nice
      [19:14] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So that focus is really there since we know of a handful (or more?) of
      reported bugs which are related to Ability cloning
      [19:14] <@[Chair]Andrew> Awesome
      [19:14] <[Arch_SB]thpr> and that is my #1 priority since that stuff would really gate a release
      [19:15] <[Arch_SB]thpr> after that is moving, then I'll worry about the facet arrangement we talked
      about at the last code team mtg
      [19:15] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Any questions?
      [19:15] <@[Chair]Andrew> No questions here
      [19:15] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> none
      [19:15] <James[Code_SB]> None from me
      [19:16] <@[Chair]Andrew> (Passes talking stick to James) - Okay, Team Report and segway into #2 and #3.
      [19:16] <James[Code_SB]> A few stats on work since the last report:
      [19:16] <James[Code_SB]> Code Requests: 4 created and 5 resolved
      [19:16] <James[Code_SB]> Code bugs: 23 created and 17 resolved
      [19:16] <James[Code_SB]> New Tags Requests: 1 created and 0 resolved
      [19:16] <James[Code_SB]> The UI is pretty settled now - companions are in and the rate of bug
      reports has dropped off, so I think we can call it stable now. I'm aiming to put out a 5.17.14
      release tomorrow to include the latest fixes.
      [19:16] <James[Code_SB]> We also had a good code team meeting a few weeks ago. The transcript is up
      at http://wiki.pcgen.org/Dev_Meeting_Log_20120429
      [19:17] <James[Code_SB]> Basically with 5.17.14 I think we should be right to take off the
      disclaimers about regular use, what do you think?
      [19:18] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> Is it as stable as 5.17.10?
      [19:18] <James[Code_SB]> Yes I think so
      [19:18] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> Also, are the temporary modifers (aka, spell, feat, etc) available
      [19:18] <James[Code_SB]> no
      [19:19] <James[Code_SB]> The code is ready for the gloal ones applied to the character preview sheet
      [19:19] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> hmmm. Not a show stopper for me, but worth mentioning.
      [19:19] <James[Code_SB]> but things like feats applied to weapons are not there
      [19:19] <James[Code_SB]> Ansolutely
      [19:19] <James[Code_SB]> *Absolutely
      [19:20] <James[Code_SB]> So I'll put some words together on the status change when I do up the
      release notes this afternoon
      [19:21] <James[Code_SB]> Andrew did you want to throw in your UI stuff now, or in the prod release
      [19:21] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> Sounds good. I probably won't get all the PR work done till Tuesday or
      Wednesday. It is a holiday weekend in the states
      [19:21] <James[Code_SB]> ok
      [19:23] <James[Code_SB]> So, on to Java 7 then
      [19:24] <James[Code_SB]> Really this is just a statement that oracle are now pushing out Java 7 to
      regular users.
      [19:24] <James[Code_SB]> Java 7 is now the default download for Windows and they will start
      'upgrading' Java 6 installs to Java 7 in the near future as part fo the Java pacthing service which
      everyone should have enabled
      [19:25] *** Phoex has joined #pcgen
      [19:26] <James[Code_SB]> Sun.Oracle Java 6 is no longer in any packaging repos for linux either -
      Oracle retracted the licences so linux users have package instakll of Java 7 or have to manually
      install Java 6
      [19:26] <@[Chair]Andrew> afk dealing with salesman
      [19:26] <James[Code_SB]> As 5.16.4 does not work with Java 7 (or open jdk 6) we have to get a prod
      release out the door pretty soon
      [19:27] <James[Code_SB]> Any questions there (noting Andrew is afk)?
      [19:27] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> None from me.
      [19:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> nope
      [19:28] <James[Code_SB]> 3. Prod Release
      [19:29] <James[Code_SB]> I've set up a new code verison: "5.17 beta" to track any features needed
      before we go to prod
      [19:30] <James[Code_SB]> IMO anything in ths bucket has to be more important than having a stable
      version that works with the current version of Java
      [19:30] <James[Code_SB]> Which is a pretty severe filter :)
      [19:31] <James[Code_SB]> So the aim is to keep it small, and get them knocked over quickly so we can
      freeze the feature set and release a beta
      [19:32] <James[Code_SB]> So I'm considering a prod release in late July/August I guess
      [19:33] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> good
      [19:33] <James[Code_SB]> Tom, do you see that as doable?
      [19:34] <[Arch_SB]thpr> hmm
      [19:34] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> afk for a few...
      [19:34] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So the issues we have with Abilities, meet that hurdle, I presume?
      [19:35] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Since to some degree we aren't stable without the fixes?
      [19:35] <James[Code_SB]> Well, if you think that is more urgent than Java 7 support then yes
      [19:36] <@[Chair]Andrew> <back>
      [19:37] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I think it needs to be a serious discussion if we don't get it fixed and
      still declare a release
      [19:37] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Don't need to have that now
      [19:37] <[Arch_SB]thpr> But July could be tight... we can try
      [19:37] <James[Code_SB]> Sure, happy to raise a thread on the dev list to discuss it
      [19:37] <James[Code_SB]> Yeah it is a tight timeframe, but I think it needs to be unfortunately
      [19:38] <[Arch_SB]thpr> We know 5.16.4 breaks with the current Java 7?
      [19:38] <James[Code_SB]> Yes we do
      [19:38] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ok
      [19:39] <James[Code_SB]> and badly - it does not show any table content
      [19:39] <@[Chair]Andrew> Yeah, we're getting new bug reports with 5.16.4 breaking
      [19:39] <[Arch_SB]thpr> k
      [19:40] <James[Code_SB]> Oh and I;ve added an FAQ to the wiki on that:
      [19:40] <@[Chair]Andrew> James - you ready for my comments on the UI?
      [19:40] <James[Code_SB]> Yep
      [19:40] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay -
      [19:40] <@[Chair]Andrew> Comments and Feedback on current UI - I'll keep to the items that need to
      be addressed:
      [19:40] <@[Chair]Andrew> For Exporting - Default Save/Export should be OK - presently, only method
      is to click.
      [19:40] <James[Code_SB]> I made a few points earlier - it would be good to get your direct responses
      to those too
      [19:40] <@[Chair]Andrew> Inventory Purchase - Can't Right Click for Custom Items or fast options as
      we had for prior 5.17.12.
      [19:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> (I'll get to those in a minute then ;) )
      [19:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> Companions - I know this is still a Work in Progress. (Awesome on the
      companion preview screen).
      [19:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> Still missing a lot of functionality...
      [19:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> Feats/Abilities - Selected Pool nullifies after selection is made
      (Agravating to need to select the same pool over and over). I do like the fact the Filter stays applied.
      [19:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> Feats/Abilities - Choices not displayed in taken screen
      [19:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> New comments -
      [19:42] <@[Chair]Andrew> Temp Mods should be re-instated; LST Editors we can drop if need be for 6.0
      as we have alternatives
      [19:43] <@[Chair]Andrew> Additionally, Companions are not completely implemented up to standard par
      - none of the Abilitys in the Compmod file are being applied in either direction
      [19:43] <@[Chair]Andrew> Also, Saving, Adding and Removing of companions is very basic (non-existent
      in the adding an existing if the file path is broken).
      [19:45] <@[Chair]Andrew> If we can get those addressed, we should be golden for a quicker release...
      I'd rather have something fully implemented - or left off with a note explaining why. Companions are
      an interegal part of several classes that leaving that out would be bad for Us... a missing editor
      we can deal with.
      [19:45] <@[Chair]Andrew> Now, James you mentioned a few points... I'll need to scan back over unless
      you have a bullet list recap...
      [19:47] <James[Code_SB]> Quick repsonses to those comment Drew:
      [19:47] <James[Code_SB]> 1. For Exporting... - this is unclear could you raise a jira feature
      request please
      [19:47] <James[Code_SB]> 2. Inventory Purchase.. - yes agreed - this is covered in CODE-1416
      [19:47] <James[Code_SB]> 3. Companions.. - At this stage anything missing needs to be reported as
      featuyre requests and anythign broken as bugs so we can work through it. I'll do the same as I spot
      [19:47] <@[Chair]Andrew> ** Calling our present build stable is an iffy for me... Due to Companions
      being half implemented at best. Some noted glitchiness I've noticed in equipment, and no temp mods.
      [19:47] <James[Code_SB]> 4. Feats/Abilities - Selected Pool nullifies - not sure if that is in jira,
      but yes it needs to be fied.
      [19:47] <James[Code_SB]> 5. Feats/Abilities - Choices - in jira and on the 5.17 beta list
      [19:48] <@[Chair]Andrew> So file JIRA for items 1, 3, 4 then. Gotcha
      [19:48] <James[Code_SB]> Yep
      [19:49] <@[Chair]Andrew> and my newest observations about equipment as well. (Mounts aren't getting
      their own icon or category I'm seeing, despite the TYPE changes implemented, is that the case for
      you as well?)
      [19:49] <PapaDRB[Ad_2nd]> sorry, gotta run... wife is getting ansy...
      [19:49] *** PapaDRB[Ad_2nd] has quit IRC: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~
      [19:49] <James[Code_SB]> I haven;t checked those out, but I will now
      [19:50] <@[Chair]Andrew> OKay, and we're hitting the 10 minute warning. Let's tackle any other business.
      [19:50] <James[Code_SB]> Sure
      [19:50] <@[Chair]Andrew> I don't have anything pressing, so James and Tom?
      [19:50] <[Arch_SB]thpr> not here
      [19:51] <James[Code_SB]> No, I;ve raised my issues
      [19:51] <@[Chair]Andrew> And our observers?
      [19:51] <RazMatic> none
      [19:51] <@[Chair]Andrew> Phoex?
      [19:52] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay. I'll get some trackers up in JIRA then for my 4 or so issues then.
      [19:52] <James[Code_SB]> Thanks for that - I may be able to sort a few out quickly - most sound minor
      [19:53] <@[Chair]Andrew> (And Hudson is complaining about something)
      [19:53] <James[Code_SB]> I knew there as something I needed to loko at :)
      [19:54] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, I think that is today's business... I declare our non-quorum meeting
      adjourned. *bangs gavel* thanks for coming everyone.

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback - PCGen Board of Directors
      Data 2nd, Docs Tamarin, OS Lemur
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"
      Unique Title "The Torturer of PCGen"

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