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Re: [pcgen] [Stefan] Adopted Trait?

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  • Andrew
    Hi Folks, We ll have to revisit how the Traits are laid out, might be best to use the Bucket Method like what was implemented for the Racial Traits and
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 13, 2012
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      Hi Folks,

      We'll have to revisit how the Traits are laid out, might be best to use the Bucket Method like what
      was implemented for the Racial Traits and Archetypes. Since placing an exception on every single
      trait based upon race is not going to be pretty. Better to set them up in buckets for ease of

      Stefan any ideas on the matter?

      On 2/13/2012 2:47 AM, Eric C Smith wrote:
      > Hi Ragabash!
      > Ragabash Moon wrote:
      >> So, is the Adopted trait programmed right, or am I doing something wrong? I just
      >> tried making a Tiefling with Adopted:Human so that I could take Masterful
      >> Demeanor (and I made it so "background" was Chelaxian so that isnt the conflict
      >> Race Human must equal 1 or something like that is red) but the fact that she's
      >> not human is still making Masterful Demeanor so that it can't be taken. Is that
      >> not the point of Adopted, to make her count as human for taking traits?
      > The Adopted trait itself is coded correctly and works fine but there is a lot of work that will need to be completed to allow it to work across the board. What is not working, and will need to be fixed, is that the background trait Masterful Demeanor is not coming up as a Human Trait under the Adopted trait. The fix for this will likely be to add a "PREABILITY:1,CATEGORY=Special Category,Adopted (Human)" to the "Masterful Demeanor" trait entry, pairing it with the PRERACE tag as part of a PREMULT tag, i.e. PREMULT:1,[PRERACE . . . ],[PREABILITY . . . ]. This will allow the trait to show up if the characer is Human OR was adopted by humans though the Adopted trait.
      > In the end, I think this same solution will need to be applied to all of the Racial Traits.
      > This is my best guess as to how to approach this issue.
      > Maredudd
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