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PCGen BoD Meeting Notes 3 Feb 2012

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  • James Dempsey
    (9:03:05 AM) James[Code_SB]: Welcome to the PCGen Board of Directors meting for 3/4 February 2012 (9:03:19 AM) James[Code_SB]: This looks like it will be a non
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2012
      (9:03:05 AM) James[Code_SB]: Welcome to the PCGen Board of Directors
      meting for 3/4 February 2012
      (9:03:19 AM) James[Code_SB]: This looks like it will be a non quorum meeting
      (9:03:37 AM) James[Code_SB]: The main agenda is team reports and then
      progress on the merge of the new UI
      (9:03:50 AM) James[Code_SB]: David, did you want to do a report first?
      (9:04:01 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Sure....
      (9:04:14 AM) david[Ad2nd]: QA - Unearthed Arcana - Prestige bard approved
      (9:04:32 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Prestige Ranger/Paladin have issues (the
      SERVAS that Andrew mentioned)
      (9:04:57 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Ad - 5.17.10 published in all the normal places.
      (9:05:15 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Nothing else "official" from me
      (9:06:24 AM) James[Code_SB]: ok I'll do release next then
      (9:06:58 AM) James[Code_SB]: Since the last meeting we did 2 betas
      releases of the new UI and the 5.17.10 alpha release, which is the final
      build using the old UI
      (9:07:36 AM) James[Code_SB]: We are on track to release 5.17.11 next
      weekend (Feb 11/12) which will have the new UI
      (9:07:50 AM) david[Ad2nd]: YEA !!!!
      (9:08:07 AM) James[Code_SB]: I'm certainly looking forward to that one!
      (9:09:21 AM) James[Code_SB]: ok, on the code side we've had a lot of
      activity in the UI side but also Devon continues to work away in the
      trunk. The latest change was actioning a bunch of issues with the AUTO
      tag including a syntax update to standardise it
      (9:10:34 AM) James[Code_SB]: Over the last two weeks we've had 19 bugs
      raised and 12 resolved, most again in the UI which is getting some great
      (9:11:08 AM) James[Code_SB]: The other big code news is that the merge
      of the UI work with trunk is under-way.
      (9:12:35 AM) James[Code_SB]: I'm following the recommended basic
      branch/merge approach, which involves bringing the branch up to date
      with the trunk first, then once that is working and up to date, push it
      back to the trunk.
      (9:13:43 AM) James[Code_SB]: The first pass merge is done, with a high
      success rate - from 1700+ files updated, around 40 were flagged as
      conflicts and some of our new code required updating to match trunk changes
      (9:14:29 AM) James[Code_SB]: I'm currently running that through the unit
      tests, then will do some manual testing to ensure it is clean, then
      commit to the branch, repeat the sync process until I am caught up and
      then merge the changes back into the trunk
      (9:14:42 AM) James[Code_SB]: That should be done today or tomorrow
      (9:15:01 AM) James[Code_SB]: Any questions?
      (9:15:13 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Not from me
      (9:17:27 AM) James[Code_SB]: Not much to report from the architecture
      side at this time
      (9:17:50 AM) James[Code_SB]: So that pretty much leaves content, but I
      don't think Andrew is back yet
      (9:18:04 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Yea, he is not responding to ping
      (9:18:48 AM) James[Code_SB]: Unless anyone else can post a report I'll
      ask him to send the BoD list a quick report and I'll include it in the
      meeting notes sent to both lists
      (9:20:24 AM) James[Code_SB]: That concludes the main agenda
      (9:20:45 AM) James[Code_SB]: Does anyone wish to raise any other topics?
      (9:21:22 AM) david[Ad2nd]: Not me. Besides, I think it is just you and
      me at the computer.....
      (9:21:31 AM) david[Ad2nd]: LOL
      (9:21:37 AM) James[Code_SB]: Yes small audience :)
      (9:22:16 AM) James[Code_SB]: ok then meeting closed.

      Post meeting reports from Andrew.

      Content Report:
      - Data: Moved several bugs to fixed status (I don't have the stats). Gladiator: Sands of death finally has the classes all resolved. Feature Requests a few also have been implemented.
      - - New Sources: Unearthed Arcana is finally getting some love, we've added three subsets for the Prestige Classes into the Alpha Release
      - OS: Fixed the Eclipse Channeling Block, added Face into the PDF OS to match the HTM version. I have plans on including the Deity Selected to the character sheet since we have tags for it.
      - Release: James is handling all the release stuff. New UI coming up !!!

      Admin Report:
      - Web: Devon has been added to the Wiki so he can start posting great proposals. I'm working on implementing Scheduled Reminders from a central source to be pushed to PCGen_Main and PCGen_Bod. Also going to be adding a Wiki Mailing List so those that want notification can see what pages have been updated.
      - Trackers: JIRA is under constant revisions as we continue to improve the workflows that make more sense. Over-all the JIRA workflows are much better now.

      James Dempsey
      PCGen Code SB
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