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Re: Can I create my own Prestige Class and...

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  • brentab@earthlink.net
    All you need to do is copy a campaign setting, rename things, and modify. For example... 1) Copy the fr directory and rename it homebrew 2) rename
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2001
      All you need to do is copy a campaign setting, rename things, and

      For example...
      1) Copy the 'fr' directory and rename it 'homebrew'
      2) rename frclass.lst to hb_class.lst
      3) open up hb_class.lst and find one prestige class that's similar to
      the one you want... delete the others
      4) modify the class as appropriate (read the docs.. can't help you
      5) copy the fr.pcc file to be homebrew.pcc
      6) comment out all the references except to CLASS, and change
      CAMPAIGN to Homebrew
      7) change the class file reference to point to your
      homebrew/hb_class.lst file and the
      8) boot pcgen and load the Homebrew list

      Now your new prestige class should be available. As you have new
      items/spells/etc that you want to add, start modifying the other
      homebrew files as appropriate. Eventually you'll have all of your
      home rules items/spells/etc inside this one directory so that you can
      share them with your gaming group.

      You do NOT want to modify the core files because it'll be overwritten
      with each upgrade, hence the creation of your own directory.

      --- In pcgen@y..., "Todd Roemmich" <vrodaire@y...> wrote:
      > yes, you guessed it... insert it into PCGen?
      > I imagine that a) it's possible, and b) it's not for the easily
      > discouraged? What I'd like to do is have a lst file with one
      > class in it as an example.... and hoping that with it, and some
      > guidance I could make my own (assuming the prestige class doesn't
      > some new bizarre feature).
      > But having programmed/created, __fill_in_the_blank__ for so many
      > years I realize that this is probably possible, it may be beyond
      > scope of the PCGen program and even counter productive. Still...
      > inquiring minds have to ask. So I have.
      > -TR
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