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Minutes from BoD meeting

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  • Martijn Verburg
    (10:01:19 PM) karianna: He yall (10:01:45 PM) karianna: So lets get this started - James, any Arch news? (10:02:17 PM) James[Code_SB]: No not much on that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2011
      (10:01:19 PM) karianna: He yall
      (10:01:45 PM) karianna: So lets get this started - James, any Arch news?
      (10:02:17 PM) James[Code_SB]: No not much on that front, except that I
      am dabbling in facets now in some work I am doing for the UI
      (10:04:30 PM) karianna: OK, no-one has heard back from Tom right?
      (10:04:42 PM) karianna: Onto the the code updates then
      (10:04:43 PM) James[Code_SB]: Nope not for quite some time
      (10:05:47 PM) Cpmeister left the room (quit: Quit: Bye).
      (10:06:03 PM) James[Code_SB]: Oops lost Connor
      (10:06:18 PM) cpmeister____
      [~cpmeister@...] entered the room.
      (10:06:25 PM) James[Code_SB]: So on the code side the new UI is progessing.
      (10:06:45 PM) James[Code_SB]: Connor is working on the spells tab and
      I am linking up the description UI to the core
      (10:07:24 PM) James[Code_SB]: At the completion of those two tasks we
      will be quite close to switching the new UI into the trunk
      (10:08:00 PM) karianna: Yay! I have a bunch of tidy-up patches raring
      to go (much generics work in NPCGen for example)
      (10:08:41 PM) karianna: waiting for the merge before I start applying
      them (too much checkstyle type changes coming in wit hit)
      (10:10:10 PM) PapaDRB
      [~Papa-DRB@...] entered the
      (10:10:33 PM) karianna: OK, Content nex tI guess - Andrew?
      (10:11:05 PM) PapaDRB is now known as PapaDRB[AD-2nd]
      (10:11:34 PM) Zaister: seems like he's not here
      (10:12:00 PM) karianna: Yeah, bad time zone for him I think
      (10:12:02 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: If memory serves me correctly, this is
      his game time with his kids
      (10:12:17 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: It is 1400 his time
      (10:12:21 PM) karianna: Anyone else want to weigh in on content?
      Otherwise I'll summarise what I've seen
      (10:12:37 PM) Zaister: I'm currently working on Ultimate Combat a bit
      (10:12:50 PM) Zaister: Ninja and Samurai, and some stuff to go along
      (10:13:16 PM) Zaister: some things will require a few changes in the
      Core, for example, for the shared Ki Pool
      (10:14:07 PM) Zaister: I've also created a skeleton of a data set for
      Tome of Horrors Complete, with a few monsters in it I had already
      coded up for my cmapaigns
      (10:14:21 PM) Zaister: We should seek permission from Frog God Games, though
      (10:14:48 PM) Zaister: and another thing, I have experimented on output sheets
      (10:15:23 PM) Zaister: the feats and ability page of the pdf sheets
      waste far too much space in the left hand columns, and I have designed
      something new,
      (10:15:56 PM) Zaister: you can take a look at it in the sheets liked
      here: http://forum.zaister.de/topic/235/
      (10:16:13 PM) Zaister: linked even
      (10:16:53 PM) Zaister: that's it
      (10:16:59 PM) karianna: Sounds cool - we seem to be keeping on top of
      the PF stuff reasonably well - lots of active users helping out and
      trying new things out.
      (10:17:14 PM) karianna: Ping the PL team for the Frog God games permissioning
      (10:17:38 PM) karianna: Perhaps share the new OS designs on
      experimental, they might be worth a merge into trunk
      (10:18:09 PM) Zaister: there's a new thread about PCGen on the Paizo
      board with some negativity in it by a few certain individuals, you
      might want to take a look:
      (10:18:33 PM) Zaister: I can do that about the OS design
      (10:19:02 PM) karianna: Will do - in fact if most of you could visit
      that thread and see if you can chime in that would be great.
      (10:19:05 PM) karianna: OK, so from me - as I mentioned the PF stuff
      is ticking along nicely, lots of hard work going on there, much
      (10:19:29 PM) karianna: The OS stuff still tends to move slowly - long
      term project to move to a templating system still needs looking at
      (10:19:49 PM) karianna: Docs got a flurry of updates again recently -
      there's not too much outstanding there
      (10:20:01 PM) karianna: Papa - want to cover Admin?
      (10:20:52 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: From my pov, just waiting for a new
      release or the AP possible dataset to announce it.
      (10:21:08 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: There needs to be work done on
      prioritizing (sp?) the jira's
      (10:21:29 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: (I am only advertising, not admin...)
      (10:21:36 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: LOL
      (10:21:43 PM) karianna: :-)
      (10:22:33 PM) karianna: Yeah the JIRA priorities and categorisations
      are the next task for me to tackle with Andrew and the team leads.
      But we really need more volunteers. I'm going to try and pick up a
      bunch at JavaOne
      (10:22:54 PM) karianna: It would be great if everyone here can also
      hit their networks to try and get more people in
      (10:23:17 PM) AndrewAAM: <Hi - At work but monitoring>
      (10:23:57 PM) karianna: I think Andrew and I will target one project
      at a time, starting with the smallest ones so we get into a working
      pattern with the lead in that area
      (10:24:12 PM) karianna: Then I'll start reporting on the JIRA stats
      more at these meetings
      (10:24:15 PM) karianna: metrics help
      (10:26:07 PM) AndrewAAM: Did someone have an Admin question before I disappear?
      (10:26:45 PM) James[Code_SB]: Not so much a question as an update
      (10:27:22 PM) James[Code_SB]: We will need to upgrade JIRA soon. I'll
      be seeing if I can upgrade our test JIRA this weekend
      (10:27:32 PM) AndrewAAM: Oh, Jiras work - James is updating it,
      website has no movement right now, and I'm immersed in tackling some
      PF sets reviews and other projects.
      (10:27:47 PM) karianna: That would be great James, security issues are
      always a worry...
      (10:32:13 PM) Zaister: Has there really been no sign of life from Tom?
      (10:32:43 PM) karianna: @Zaister - a couple of ping backs from him -
      I'll try again soon
      (10:32:56 PM) Zaister: his last commit was in December
      (10:33:03 PM) AndrewAAM: I haven't emailed him recently but it's been
      over 8 months since he's been active on the project
      (10:33:24 PM) karianna: Yeah - RL hit him really hard - I'll get in touc hagain
      (10:34:21 PM) karianna: So on the PR side - we've now got a Frog God
      games request to make, advertising is just the usual channels if we
      release and we're still mulling over some complex data licensing
      (10:35:07 PM) Zaister: what kind of changes?
      (10:36:49 PM) karianna: Things like whether we seek permission if the
      data sets change owner, or if we want to produce a PF version of a 3.5
      data set, that sort of thing.
      (10:37:28 PM) Zaister: ah
      (10:38:08 PM) karianna: It gets...... complicated :-)
      (10:38:52 PM) karianna: _Generally_ speaking we always default to the
      publishers wishes, but there are possible exceptions like a publisher
      going out of business and the new owners simply never respond - things
      like that
      (10:39:27 PM) karianna: Anyhow - this sort of thing will go out for
      wider review once th eDL guys have pored over it with a fine toothcomb
      (and that'll take time)
      (10:39:27 PM) Zaister: are there any importatnt sets affected by that?
      (10:39:51 PM) karianna: Not core SRD/MSRD/RSRD or PF no.
      (10:40:12 PM) Zaister: I see
      (10:40:53 PM) karianna: But given how PF came out of nowhere to
      dominate, we should treat the less well known sets just as seriously -
      hence making sure we have the right policies in place
      (10:41:13 PM) Zaister: that's true
      (10:41:56 PM) Zaister: I did a survey about a year (or more) back on
      3.5 vs PF use in PCGen, and back then 3.5 was still leading, but oinly
      by a small margin
      (10:42:04 PM) Zaister: might be interesting to repeat the survey
      (10:42:15 PM) karianna: yup :-)
      (10:42:31 PM) karianna: Right - I've got to dash soon, any other
      business people want to bring up?
      10:42:57 PM) James[Code_SB]: None here
      (10:43:01 PM) cpmeister____: none here
      (10:43:08 PM) PapaDRB[AD-2nd]: me neither
      (10:44:41 PM) karianna: Cool, well thanks everyone for turning up - we
      actually had quorum this time ;-).
      (10:44:42 PM) karianna: I know that you're all over worked on this
      project, so again my personal thanks as well as a reminder that we
      should all perhaps spend some of that energy on getting new recruits
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