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Minutes - non quorum meeting

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  • Martijn Verburg
    (11:11:50 AM) karianna: OK, Connor you re in charge of Code and Arch today :-) - can you fill the community in on the new UI progress? Then I ll ask a few Q s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2011
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      (11:11:50 AM) karianna: OK, Connor you're in charge of Code and Arch
      today :-) - can you fill the community in on the new UI progress?
      Then I'll ask a few Q's
      (11:12:14 AM) cpmeister: I suppose I can do that
      (11:12:48 AM) cpmeister: the most recent changes in the UI are some
      fixes and modifications to the portrait selection system
      (11:13:25 AM) cpmeister: now portraits are scaled to 400px high and
      thumbnails are scaled to 100x100px square
      (11:13:52 AM) cpmeister: you can resize the crop area with the mouse scroller
      (11:14:42 AM) cpmeister: development on the Biography pane and
      Campaign History pane are now underway
      (11:15:00 AM) cpmeister: *is underway
      (11:15:37 AM) cpmeister: but no guarantees on them being finished soon
      (11:16:49 AM) karianna: Cool, sounds like good progress to me. Have
      you got any idea of whether there are CDOM changes that are required
      for you to merge the new UI with trunk when it's ready?
      (11:17:42 AM) cpmeister: most of those changes were already sorted out
      when we created the intermediate merge, so I don't think there will be
      any complications when merging back with the trunk
      (11:18:19 AM) karianna: That's awesome :-)
      (11:18:40 AM) cpmeister: any other questions?
      (11:18:46 AM) karianna: OK, so what's your availability like in the
      coming weeks?
      (11:19:22 AM) cpmeister: to be frank, I have no idea
      (11:19:23 AM) karianna: I'm thinking of following up on some of the
      issues we raised in the UI beta mailing list - but there's not much
      point quite yet if you don't ahve the capacity :-)
      (11:19:53 AM) cpmeister: but I expect I can squeeze out 8 hours a week
      at the least
      (11:20:37 AM) karianna: Cool - OK, well I guess you should focus on
      finishing the Bio and Campaign panes, does that mean all tabs have had
      their first overhaul?
      (11:20:54 AM) cpmeister: all except for the spells tab
      (11:21:51 AM) cpmeister: that one will take a lot of work, even if
      there are very little changes in the UI layout
      (11:22:13 AM) cpmeister: everything under the hood is to be gutted and replaced
      (11:23:50 AM) cpmeister: but after that is done I don't see anything
      stopping a 6.0 alpha release
      (11:23:58 AM) cpmeister: I'm betting James will say otherwise though
      (11:27:07 AM) cpmeister: thats it from me
      (11:28:07 AM) karianna: All sounds very positive to me - I'd love to
      get an Alpha out for Xmas
      (11:28:17 AM) karianna: Stefan, are you there?
      (11:29:07 AM) karianna: Maybe not :-)
      (11:30:03 AM) karianna: OK, so on the content side of things it looks
      like we're winning the war in keeping up with Pathfinder data sets,
      the Docs continue to get little updates and we recently landed an
      updated fantasy grounds OS
      (11:32:17 AM) karianna: On the Admin side of things, we're now looking
      to organise the JIRAs into more categories etc, so the various teams
      don't miss related issues when they tackle an item. The Web stuff is
      still quiet, although we are working on a backup for our various
      systems in case the ISP falls over (can't be too careful). Release
      needs some more love around the *nix package testing, I'll try to
      chase that up this week. We've also tightened the build a little on
      trunk and moved to Java 6
      (11:33:36 AM) karianna: The PR side is pretty quiet - we've picked up
      a couple more permissions from small publishers, we're not actively
      advertising outside of our normal release news and we need a few
      senior data simians to return in order to discuss any proposed changes
      in our data licensing terms
      (11:34:43 AM) karianna: On the personal front, people have probably
      noticed I'm starting to get noisy again - I'm still clearing through
      the backlog of stuff whilst I was away - but I'm hoping to actually
      starting thinking forwards again before to long. Recruitment I think
      will be my main goal
      (11:34:57 AM) karianna: Right - Open floor - comments, questions?
      (11:35:59 AM) cpmeister: I think recruitment is pretty important at
      this point considering how many of our developers are away right
      (11:37:59 AM) karianna: Yeah - so I've been _really_ amiss for not
      doing this, but I'm going to make it loud and clear when I speak at
      conferences, sell the book, blog about Java stuff etc. If we can get
      the whole team doing the same then I'm convinced that we'll get some
      people in
      (11:39:24 AM) karianna: Anybody else?
      (11:40:32 AM) cpmeister: does seem like it
      (11:40:38 AM) cpmeister: *doesn't
      (11:43:41 AM) karianna: OK, that's a wrap then - thanks folks!
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