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Informal BoD Meeting Note for Friday the 8th of July, 2011

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  • Andrew
    Hi, [14:09] Well, I have nothing,and you submitted your stuff to the bod list. James, do you have anything quickly? [14:11]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8 2:32 PM

      [14:09] <[2_2nd]david> Well, I have nothing,and you submitted your stuff to the bod list. James, do
      you have anything quickly?
      [14:11] <James[Code_SB]> Sure
      [14:11] <James[Code_SB]> Again a slow fortnight for code due to real life commitments by the team
      [14:12] <James[Code_SB]> We are looking at ramping up effort on the new UI though as it will be
      needed for compatibility with Java 7 which comes out later this month.
      [14:12] <James[Code_SB]> To that end John has come up with a great design for the new description tab
      [14:15] <James[Code_SB]> Oh and our bug numbers have swelled as David has completed the transfer
      from sourceforge. I need to scan through those and do a triage run
      [14:15] <@[Chair]Andrew> :P Good job David...
      [14:16] <[2_2nd]david> Only completed the bugs, not the freqs... There will be a LOT more next week
      [14:16] <James[Code_SB]> k, that's it from me
      [14:16] <[2_2nd]david> but thank you for the good words
      [14:16] <James[Code_SB]> Ah yes
      [14:16] <James[Code_SB]> Thanks for doing the transfer - its good to have one list to work from
      [14:17] <[2_2nd]david> Yea. Understand that.
      [14:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> cool deal.
      [14:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> do I need to blurb my stuff here?
      [14:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> or shall someone just collect it all and put it out as an informal meeting?
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Admin Report:
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Web - Renewal of the Domain Names. Anestis should be able to handle
      that. Otherwise, no new activities on this front. I expect that to change in a week or so.
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Trackers - David Bender has been doing an awesome job bring the old SF
      issues over. I think there is duplication and obsolete items, but having it on JIRA makes it
      easier to find and close if this is the Case.
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Release - Not much in the code changes, Docs have been updating things
      like mad. We're due a release, but besides the docs, a few bug fixes, I don't see a true need.
      James can make the ultimate decision as he handles the main releases.
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]>
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Content Report:
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Data - Not much movement here. A few sources are being worked on but
      they won't be in the release till they're declared finished and pass the normal reviews.
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> Docs - Eric has been updating Docs from the New Tag stuff and cleaning
      up the look. He's also been clarifying usage in the tags.
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]> OS - Besides a few inquiries on party sheets, nothing has happened in
      the OS team worth noting at this time.
      [14:20] <James[Code_SB]>
      [14:21] <James[Code_SB]> I'll likely aim for a release next weekend
      [14:29] <James[Code_SB]> Hmm all quiet
      [14:29] <[2_2nd]david> Yea. Andrew do you have a copy of the meeting and can post it?
      [14:29] <James[Code_SB]> Any discussion or shall we declare the meeting closed?
      [14:29] <[2_2nd]david> Call it closed.
      [14:30] <@[Chair]Andrew> Yeah, I can post, and let's call this goose cooked
      [14:31] <@[Chair]Andrew> thanks for showing everyone

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback - PCGen Board of Directors
      Data 2nd, Docs Tamarin, OS Lemur
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"
      Unique Title "The Torturer of PCGen"

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